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Property Ownership -

Post by DM Poppy » Sun Apr 09, 2023 11:41 pm

Property Ownership -

I cannot seem to stress this enough. But I shall do so once more in response to a steady increase in detected multiple property ownership. Our rules regarding property ownership are clearly outlined and I shall include the link below.

Property Ownership limits are "PER PLAYER". This is to say no matter how many Characters you have, you THE PLAYER may only own One Guild, One Quarter and One Shop.

As an Example -

  • If you own a Shop on your Character Bob and Quarter on your Character Tim, this is OKAY
  • If you own a Shop each on your Characters Bob and Tim we will release one to bidding without notification.
  • If you own a Guild on your Character Bob and a Quarter on your Character Tim, we will release the Quarter to bidding without notification. Because you are only permitted to own a Quarter within a Guild that you own.

Guild - A Building with multiple properties within it. Their are examples of Ships with multiple properties within, these are also considered to be Guilds.
Quarter - A locked door with a storage container. Whether it is a House. A Room or a Vault. These are all Quarters.
Shop - A shop.

Temporary Shops and Rental Ships are excluded. But should be used at full capacity.

If you own a Guild, you are only permitted to own a Quarter within that Guild. If your Guild or your Quarter has a shop associated with it, you may only own that associated shop.

Our detection system is automated, we do not need to check each sign on the server and write it down for reference. It alerts us to multiple ownership with big red writing. Our response to this has been and shall continue to be "The DM Team shall select which property we believe you'd desire less and release it to bidding."

If you currently are in breach of this rule, then I would advise that you rectify this with haste and release any additional properties from your ownership, or you will risk loosing them via DM Release.

A small period of grace is extended to recently won bids to allow for the moving of property, but the onus does remain on you to check whether your bids have succeeded or not.

I'm the nice one.. I promise :twisted:

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