Guldorand improvements

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Guldorand improvements

Post by Vivian » Tue Oct 24, 2023 7:40 pm

Hello devs!
There are a few things i think Gouldorand would benefit of, some mechanical, some RP related. I'll be brief, promise!

- transformig some temporary stalls in permanent. Temporary stalls are for the most empty, except for a couple of them in the market square, and the permanent are always assaulted when one gets free. Moreover, citizens of Guldo often have to bid on foreign shops, instead of remaining in-house, i've been asked ICly.
(this i wrote in another previous topic, but i repost to summarize)

- a couple of quarters more, now the population has decreased a little, comparing to the first month of my mandate, but still i've been asked ICly, it's happening a turnover of the population.

- a little increase of the fixture limit in both the areas, the Fortress City and the Freeport, the current limit is 30...

- related to the previous point, some of the fixtures slots are occupied by graves of dead characters. Would it be possible to have a proper graveyard, for Guldo? In the crypts people can't be buried, with the undeads below, and having a dedicated area, even if tiny, would lift the city from the burden of a couple of fixrures each.

- last but not least... now that the Arcane College of Guldorand has seen ctively the light, it would need... a dedicated place. For now it has its venue in the State Building, but it would be more appropriate a place where they can host lessons and studies, a place like the Barracks would be ideal, for what concern the mechanic of access, with a public area and a private area.

Let me know if I can clearify something, thank you!

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Re: Guldorand improvements

Post by MalKalz » Sat Nov 04, 2023 11:07 pm

I am going to leave this one to Irongron to approve or reject.

However, a bit of insight:

  • Fixture limits are low for a choice (Irongron does not want particular areas like wildnerness or tight area designs or areas with a lot of care of overall look to be cluttered).

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