Goodbye From Jim

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Goodbye From Jim

Post by Salasker » Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:25 pm

So, about a year and a half or so ago, a friend bought me the EE edition and I couldn't help but look into Arelith. Hm, new starting area, I thought to myself. I wasn't really sure if I could or even wanted to play Salasker again, so I made up as polar an opposite as I could think of: Mundane, 18 year old, human, doesn't drink, naive and chose Skaljard since I'd never even seen it before. This was both to see what had changed with the new game and to see if I could adequately RP something other than the elf. Turns out I could...

I was pleasantly surprised by Skal, it felt very much like an 'Us vs. Them' environment. Having to team up with less than nice people because you're dead otherwise seemed like a good change to me. But Jim ('s James, actually, but only me ma calls me that, an' then only when I'm in trouble) Millerson was a good kid at heart and he eventually found a place with some downright decent folks.

Jumping to the mainland, I again had a break for a while and when I came back, there were really only two names I recognized still about. Through them, he had a pretty fun time on the surface, but time catches up to everyone and I found it harder and harder to play him as I thought of him. He really had to either change drastically or I had to let him go. The latter seemed the best course.

So he's sailed off with a chest of gold, a small tailoring shop outside of Waterdeep and an impending marriage to a minor noble family that needs some coin. Luckily, (luck describes his life, so far) his arranged marriage looks like it'll turn out fine as the two hit it off when they met.

So, to all the Skal crew: Lady Sabine, Kalim and the others that were on the mainland boat, the dragon on Skal, the evil group that captured and terrified him only a few days into his career, those around that campfire, thanks. I can't remember all the names, but you made Skal alive.

Coming to the mainland, the group drifted apart. Jim found a home, somewhat in Cordor. So Kudos to Arihalys for running the Nomad the best I've ever seen. Jim felt comfortable there, even with the odd people that showed up at the bar sometimes. And to anyone else Jim may have interacted with in his time on the mainland. My stupid human brain knows there were a few, but I can't recall.

There are three in particular, though, that informed and shaped my RP of the kid:

Bo, a hin with a stern demeanour and a heart of gold, who taught him so much about how to fight and brave the dangers of the wilds. Without her, he'd have been so dead so many times over. And with her shielding him, their teamwork meant taking on monsters many times tougher than alone. A wonderfully played character who eventually married...

Wallace Lyonall, who's own kudos thread here (viewforum.php?f=19&start=25) shows just how much of an influence he had on the mainland. In many ways, Wally and Jim were twins when they met and finding him in Bendir was just amazing. Though the player must have been super busy every time he was on, he always found time for Jim and was inclusive to everyone when I saw him in action. Wally is missed, I hope both of them are still playing.

Finally, Aleilsum Ellrum, a more unlikely friend I couldn't have imagined. Nearly 30 times older, religious, with a super-scary and mysterious ward (Hiya Gwen!), gruff and dour as dwarf sometimes, this elven smith taught both me and Jim alot about Skal and Arelith in general. For me, a lot of the new systems that I had trouble parsing out, especially playing a mundane character. For Jim, there wasn't anyone he knew better or knew him better. He was one of the first Jim met, and the last to see him as he got on the boat to his new life. The player of Aleil is superb at making memorable scenes and allowing for high emotional impact in stories. I cannot thank or recommend them enough.

And, of course, thanks to the team, Devs and DMs. Your continued work deserves all the thanks in an often thankless job.

So, as Jim would say with a still boyish grin, "Thanks! An' I'll seeya 'round somtime!"

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Re: Goodbye From Jim

Post by Dijhin » Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:24 pm

Jim was a great and unique character. So supremely innocent seeming that I for sure thought he had to be a master assassin or something trying to fool everybody with his good deeds and enjoyable naivety.

I had many good memories roleplaying on Skal and otherwise with him and though the group drifted apart in ways, James is still brought up often in our friend group - often referencing good memories and our own funny conspiracy theories about him (mentioned above!)

Though my character was also rolled after returning from a hiatus, I'm sure he would seek Jim out at some point to enjoy the company and talk of Skaljard memories.

Well done and I look forward to seeing what Jim's player comes up with next.

- Kalim

Aleilsum Ellrum
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Re: Goodbye From Jim

Post by Aleilsum Ellrum » Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:56 pm

it was bittersweet to watch Jim sail off because you'd been clear he was moving permanently to Waterdeep for ages. But he has been missed in Cordor and will be missed in the future. He grew and changed over the years and he was always a real pleasure to be around.

The old elf will come and visit for certain and encourage him not to get too staid and settled at the Baron's Court. He would have been glad had Jim really been his son.

Your rp has been fun, at times very subtle and it's always been rewarding. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next, Jimmy lad.

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