The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

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The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by DeSanti » Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:20 am

The golden man is dead. Whoopsie!

Playing Giscard has been perhaps something of the most unexpected fun times I've had in quite, quite a while. I initially made Giscard to be a cleric and a sun-bothered who would go about and say "PRAISE THE SUN!" , which I quickly found out was a role already filled by others when I started so Giscard became a more mellow long-haired Lathanderite in ... green-beige armour.

Eventually he became the Golden Knight / Butter Knight that some may remember him as and with the launch of the Sanctuary of the Dawn the character really took off to new levels of fun and great RP to play with.

I am eternally grateful for the people and characters I've had the chance to play with on this server and it has been a non-stop fun locomotion during this time. But the truth is that 'twas not meant to last. I started playing NWN again after a 7 year hiatus with these types of games, it was (like I expect for many) because of the COVID situation and many nights just sitting alone in my tiny apartment. So when I began again I was hooked and the fun and entertainment, as well as meeting so many great people IG and OOC has been a blessing. But to me these kind of games gets particularly addictive and I find myself sacrificing sleep and social life because of it - something which was fine during the lockdowns but now that we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel I have to focus on my master's thesis and real life, which is sadly why I will not be playing any more on Arelith.

There are so many people I want to give proper kudos to but I don't think I can possibly include all, which is why if you don't find the name on this list please don't hate me! You are loved!


Sunny bois and gals unite! The Sanctuary was such a lynchpin moment for my character that it beggars belief. It made him have a home that he was eternally committed to and introduced him to so many interesting and great people. To all the Sanctuary-peeps: You've my eternal respect and I love one and all of you! I will have to highlight some of them, however!

Sabre Brightburst: Mom-Extraordinaire! The tour de force of the Sanctuary's creation and someone that Giscard cared deeply about and had the utmost respect for. In many ways a mentor and an example for Giscard on how a Lathander knight / cleric / something was! Their roleplay was always stellar and that moment at the end in the Garden was so nice and not to mention the tearful goodbye that came at the very last! This player has also been so kind and helpful as well to me - the player - as well!

Vernes Rivers: His most radiant and illuminating High Morninglord Vernes Rivers was a man/wizard that for Giscard almost felt as a brother and confidante in certain difficult moral and ethical questions, he helped give sage advice when he most needed it. His role as the group's High Priest was important to the shaping of the Sanctuary and Giscard's way of being a paladin of the faith but also to be a good person as well.

Thalia: The bluest of our crew but in so many ways the most grounded of us. One instance I remember vividly was how she 'checked' him once about not having enough faith in people, something that he was livid about at the time but gave him something to consider and give him pause about.

Myzzrin Brightburst: Myzzie McMyzzums became a close companion and help to Giscard during the latter time in the Sanctuary and someone he trusted so implcitly and entirely. Their moments together were so wholesome and sweet and I still remember fondly the time Giscard sat, dead-tired, against a bookshelf while she catalogued random books and he just ranted about some meeting or another he had just come from. The scene was so picture-perfect and great, even ending up with a cheeky snore-sequence that just wrapped the whole deal to perfection. The player of Myzzrin has a wonderful ability to create RP and help with others' RP, that they facilitate so well!

Chirper: Chirper is bar none the greatest roleplaying phenomenon on this server and I will brook no objection. They are so great at creating their own little scenarios and spin on things, you literally don't need a DM for events when Chirp's around! The sweetest, greatest and most wonderful little lathanderite there is.

Darin: Darin and Giscard's chemistry was so perfect in many ways. The misadventures these two got into was stuff of legends (getting stuck in Hell, trying to destroy a 'Sharan' altar etc) and they had such a great dynamic! Still a bit guilty about the bald joke...

Cainan: The man who claims the title "Paragon" - Cainan has been a boon for Giscard and the Sanctuary and their character was such a great, lovely and mild-mannered person which Giscard felt a great affection and friendship with. I am only sorry they didn't get more time together.

Honourable mentions: PRELLIA, Crozius, Alice, Zealind, Nataliya, Casey, Thea, Itzal (such a caring guy!), Tove, Nathaniel, Melete, Astrid, Arya & Gregory (Greg's jokes are legendary), Henna (who reminded him of sharing burdens), Marinagon (Lathander's sweat armpits??) -- and everyone who was and is a part of the Sanctuary! You all rock!


What madlads and lasses. What panache and style! Quickly becoming the main baddies for Giscard and all of Guldorand as with rest of the island - their terror and wickedness has been really well executed! But playing the baddies is a difficult thing on both an IG and OOC level and boy these people excelled. I am humbled, truly, at how willing and helpful they've been for me to give Giscard an ending.

Theu: The drow-hag was first of Giscard's "true enemy" and their completely random encounter sparked a torrent of RP afterwards for me, the members of the Sanctuary, Bendir and so on. She was a real terror to Giscar that plagued his conscience in some ways but also irritated and infuriated him to no end! Several of people I've talked with remarked how incredibly thoughtful and layered their RP was, enabling both sides to interact and involve themselves in their little feud.

Theodor: I can not overstate how gracious and helpful Theodor's player is -- truly focusing on creating good content RP and helping other in their story, it's been a humbling experience for me which I am grateful for. Theodor as a character is something else, as well. The manic insanity and bloodlust is just one layer of many this character has and despite Giscard & Theodor being completely and utterly the opposite on any spectrum there was some genuine great moments between the two.

Roselyn: Met the character exactly once - and still was greatly impressed with how they were played. A natural leader in poise and bearing and came off as frightfully menacing and yet so composed! I loved their little back and forth at the end and my regret is that there wouldn't be more chances for them to meet. C'est la vie!

Sarek: I still remember the completely random conversation that occurred between Giscard and Sarek in Shadovar which put Gis rather off kilter. He was certainly not prepared for engaging in such a discussion with what he had dismissed as a simple murderer.

Some here are not named but I would like to extend all my thanks and appreciation to the other people who partook in the 'event' as well.


Tera'thiel Eldafire: Tera was one of the key people who guided a young Giscard on the isle as he went about being generally lost and clueless. He meant so in shaping Giscard to the paladin he became and introduced him to so many people that would later mean so much for him. Giscard held him in the greatest of respect! Tera's player was also incredibly helpful and eager to help me, the clueless player, when I started here. So all my respect for both the player and character.

Cailo: Friend Cailo! Probably the first friend Giscard ever got in the island, helping him slay wicked rats in the sewers of Cordor. What an elven lad, so gracious and nice to Giscard and their paths drifted but he was a dear soul to Giscard who he cared for yet felt guilty about never managing to meet much.

Coralee Fairbrook: Perhaps the character which have had the most impact on Giscard's life and mind on the isle outside the Sanctuary. Their friendship was a bitter-sweet thing with their share of drama and conflict, to intense and beautiful moments as well and it shaped and made Giscard into the interesting character he was for me right up to the very end. I can not praise enough how well roleplayed and interesting this character is and the nuisances that they held. The player is also absolutely stellar and so committed to creating good RP - massive kudos to them and gratitude for letting Giscard take part in their story.

Derristan Barley: Something of a father-figure to Giscard and a man who he looked up to immensely. Their meetings was sporadic at best but when they met I always appreciated how great a character Derristan is. They also had the most unlikeliest of conversations, one I remember very well that began with a mention of Derristan being a poet and that developed into a full heart-to-heart talk on a stage in Cordor.

Faith & Hope Solarheart: Though long gone now AFAIK - these two were also very important to Giscard's story and shaping his future. Their RP and dedication in the Dawnfire Crusade was incredibly awesome (and deeply worrying for Giscard!) and 'the Solarhearts' was still to the end a conversational piece that came up every now and again.

Karathas: While Giscard and Karathas wasn't the best of friends, I will say that every single interaction with the Coronal was a treat. The way the player plays this character and as a settlement leader is pretty damn impressive. Giscard had a huge admiration for Karathas and though they certainly didn't see eye to eye on everything, he always had a respect for his reasoning.

Drossaico: This guy. Such an unlikely thing that came out of those two meeting, developing to a regular chat about philosophy and hope. He deeply unsettled Giscard but in many ways fascinated him as well. I really enjoyed the conversations they had together and they, too, became meaningful for his story.

Honourable mentions: Isola, Fjarna, Ain, Tristan (Giscard to his final days bragged about winning over him at lanceboard), Jach, "Ultra Troglodyte", Angela & Chaesandra, Sirius (poor guy trying to explain magic to Giscard), King Edward, Nymisse (stellar character! Still owe her a story, damnit!), Ajax, James Hightower, Mackenzie, Devon Marshal, Sir Ander, Elspeth and so many, many, many more.

There are so many names and so many people I should have included here but for time, space and bad memory's sake it might not be feasible. I'm sorry if you're not mentioned but trust me if you've interacted with me ever you should be here.

My time on Arelith has been such an absolute joy and I am so glad to could have ended it on such a high note. This place houses some of the best roleplayers I've ever had the privilege and good fortune to have interacted with and this world here feels truly alive if chaotic and cray cray at times! I hope you all have a great time onward and continue having the best of time roleplaying here.

Stay golden!
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Giscard d'Soleil - Dead

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Talvenlapsi » Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:44 am

Giscard was.. And will be one of my favourite characters, and the player behind the Golden Knight is absolutely phenomenal.
When I first met Giscard, I had no idea the story would unfold like this - and with his utmost devotion to the faction and the family we've grown - I can't do more but to say 'Thank you'.

Giscard has done so much, and will be remembered for his works accordingly. For all the PDF-files Giscard provided to us OOC, all the jokes and fun times, and amazing illustrations in his journal have been absolute joy to observe all this time. I am saddened that the Golden Knight is no more, but I am glad to have a new friend on the side, even if the IC friend is gone.

From Sabre's perspective, Giscard will always be the big brother she quite never had, a shining example of what a good person is, and what it means to truly be brave and devoted to good. She will terribly miss the man, but will always be glad for the last moments, and being able to have spent the time with him.

My greatest, biggest thank you and kudos to Giscard and DeSanti, ofcourse.
Godspeed wherever you go next, and if you ever have itch to come back, know that we're here for you, most likely!
And for one last time...

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Edens_Fall » Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:00 pm

I only ever saw him in passing, but knew his name across the isle. I'm glad you were able to find a conclusion to your sunny story! Good luck in your RL endeavors!
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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Lexx » Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:23 pm

Fantastic character I've had delight to RP with in past. Great concept and player :).

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Bunnysmack » Tue Apr 06, 2021 3:37 pm

Gah, Giscard WOULD die just before my week-long hiatus comes to an end. I'll miss your PC terribly, but I'm glad you are making a choice that favors your personal care.
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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Glowing Mushroom » Tue Apr 06, 2021 6:18 pm

Unfortunately I only got to interact with Giscard a few times, but they were always incredibly pleasant and supremely well Roleplayed. Thanks for the RP and kudos to you!
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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Quidix » Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:02 pm

Only had the pleasure of brief encounters, but very high quality RP, well done and you'll be missed!
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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by neverwinternightly » Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:34 pm

We had a conversation at a pretty important moment for my character and some of what Giscard said is something that won't be soon forgotten! Big time kudos to you and the approach you took to conflict.

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by D4wN » Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:27 pm

On Emma my interactions with Giscard have always been good and friendly, but never very deep.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time together with Giscard and Theodor and it’s given me an extra layer into the man Giscard was. My only wish is that we could have extended the scene a bit more for Giscard’s personal story and a bit more deep philosophical debate since the one in Dis is something I will remember for a long time.

I’m super grateful you let us be part of your ending and I’m sure that we will continue to feel the ripple effect for quite some time.

Now I gotta go and run from angry Areltih mobs for killing two amazing characters.

I hope you have a beautiful life and don’t be a stranger!
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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Definately Not A Mimic » Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:24 pm

It is a huge shame to see such an excellent roleplayer taking a step back but as said before, very very happy for you and hope your life's path is fulfilling but brings you circling back to the community. I only played with you briefly on two separate characters, Hattie loved seeing the Golden man walk into the bar and looked forward to listening to him talk and hear his tales. My current we'll leave unnamed but throughly enjoyed her time with him also and wished for more interactions that time never seemed to allow for.

Giscard and you will be missed.

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by trouble on her brow » Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:48 pm

I enjoyed Tarthi and Giscard's talks.

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Salasker » Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:50 am

I recall showing Cordor to Giscard Soleil when you first arrived (the d'Soleil came later :) ) and watched with utter delight as Giscard came to be known across the island. What many may not know is that the player was brand new to Arelith, so it was doubly delightful to watch another person fall in love with Arelith!

I am the biggest proponent of 'Real Life comes first', so while I'll miss seeing/hearing you about our little sandbox, I'm happy to hear you're getting back to the things you need to do in the real world.

Nothing but the best of luck to you, and we'll have the porch light on for when you come back...

(Because we always come back.)


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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Fenran » Wed Apr 07, 2021 6:06 am

Giscard was an amazing character and his name will never be forgotten in the Sanctuary. DeSanti as a player has also been nothing short of amazing.

Vernes' interactions with Giscard have always been deeply meaningful and he's always been one of the characters who has gone out of his way to tackle philosophical issues with him. I've always loved how inclusive the player and the character had been and its a shame to see someone of such excellent roleplay caliber go.

We will deeply miss you and thank you for all the awesome contributions to the Sanctuary and the wonderful roleplay you've brought to the server. If you ever decide to come back, you'll always have a place with us.

Good luck with your IRL things and because I couldn't say it IG before the character rolled... Dawn's blessings <3
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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Preserver » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:23 am

The Goldboi.

He had a big and kind heart of gold and every day spent with him was golden. A proper good person, Elspeth believed! And one with golden standards about behaviour, honour, and knightood.

He will be missed!

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Sic Semper Tyrannis » Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:29 am

Chat with Giscard on Mack was great fun. Be seeing you.
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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by benedict overencumberbatch » Wed Apr 07, 2021 4:25 pm

D4wN wrote:
Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:27 pm
I’m super grateful you let us be part of your ending and I’m sure that we will continue to feel the ripple effect for quite some time.

This one hundred percent. Even with Rose and Giscard's singular meeting, I got a glimpse of what a goliath Giscard was as a character, and the impact he's had on so many people. I definitely wish we could've interacted more, but I'm so grateful you gave us the opportunity to help tell Giscard's final story.

D4wN wrote:
Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:27 pm
Now I gotta go and run from angry Areltih mobs for killing two amazing characters.
Also this.

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Lawful » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:29 pm

Though Talek disliked Giscard for just how he looked, they did have a final moment where they shared their similar hatred for things. I wish I took a screenshot of it, but after reading the report of his death, he ordered two drinks from the Garrison bar, clinking the bottles and gives a toast.. "To the things we hate.." downing one bottle, and leaves the other untouched.

Also, that time Talek straight up looked Giscard in the face after Giscard said hello, and just turned around without a word was one of my favorite moments with you. Oh, so you are one of them rude Banites. he says haha

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by LIAR LIAR » Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:30 pm

miss u guy theo gonna pay

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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Seven Sons of Sin » Thu Apr 08, 2021 2:42 am

Giscard is/was one of those characters I always wanted more of.

One of the common tragedies of Arelith are when characters just ... never quite fall in sync, due to Life or otherwise.

well done!
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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Tyro » Thu Apr 08, 2021 7:26 am

My guy was about to roll before you graciously (maybe even undeservedly, considering who it was) offered him a chance to escape and continue his shenanigans. Only had one interaction with you but it was insanely fun! You rp-ed with him super well IC and were courteous OOC.

IC he was devastated to learn you died. It was supposed to be HIM. But you're going to live on in his next project. He finally found a "healthy" way to channel the obsession he had with you (which he would vehemently deny) into a creative outlet.

Glad to have met you, all the best in the real world! :)
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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by Drak » Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:55 am

Oh no! Giscard! <3

You know I saved the entire RP between him and Isola's death, and I go back and read it every so often. Actually sent it to a friend and she cried. :D

You should be proud of the RP you create. While I didn't get a ton of time to RP with him, he was always, always an enjoyable character to run into. That scene is, and will remain my favorite scene since I've been playing NWN. Thank you for that, so very much.


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Re: The Death of Giscard d'Soleil - Kudos Thread

Post by BronxFury » Sat Apr 10, 2021 6:45 am

Giscard was such a welcoming force and source of warmth for Myzzrin. She truly starting to see him as family through the development of their relationship. And his death was by far one of the hardest things Myzz has had to go through. All of my love to the character for his impact on this world. And all of my love to the player for bringing the character life and being such a swell person in general.
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