Ninim Adanion Shelving Kudos

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Amateur Hour
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Ninim Adanion Shelving Kudos

Post by Amateur Hour » Sun Jun 13, 2021 10:04 pm

Ninim was my first character where I actually felt like I know what I was doing. With Ninim, I laughed, I cried, I raised my eyebrows. Now that her first arc is complete and she's planning to sail back to her hometown for a time, there's some people I'd like to thank and acknowledge (listed in alphabetical order).

Elathion - Without breaking FOIG rules, I think all I can really say is that the plot that took Ninim and Elathion off Skal is one of the formative experiences in my RP life. It helped teach me how to properly balance Arelith mechanics with satisfying RP.

Gaelnen Latonen - If it weren't for you, Ninim would have never existed.

Tera Mayne - A good friend and a good lawyer, I really enjoyed the "girl chat" these two got to have when Ninim was afraid of even her own shadow.

Adelyn Belle'rose - A fun villain to interact with no matter what character I encounter you on.

Erendriel Starym - For FOIG reasons I don't think I should elaborate, but this character is SO well done, being utterly committed to principle.

Isen Tir'ein/Elario - You're going in this section because of when Ninim and Isen met, but who would have thought some advice given in the Cordor Mercantile building would have led to one of the most satisfying RP relationships--both generally and romantically--that I have had the pleasure to play out.

Nimlan Norreanea - The pure commitment to character in Nimlan was a work of art. Myon is less bright without him.

Yeneselle Starseeker - The female friend Ninim needed to help her find her inner confidence to go forth and do great things...and a dangerously-talented describer of pastry!
All Aegis - You guys rock!

Myzzrin Brightburst - You are on this list less because of how you interacted with Ninim and more just your general character. On every character of mine where I've interacted with you, the RP has been top-notch.

Prellia Nuthatch/Aemaris - are a gem. Prellia feels so real in a way few characters do, and elicits such a visceral reaction. If there is ever a Prellia wedding, you can bet Ninim will be on the first ship back to Arelith to see it!

Zaphiel Aemos - A late addition to Ninim's arc, I've nonetheless exceedingly enjoyed the puzzle we've worked on. I hope it continues to spawn fun RP!

...and many more!
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Re: Ninim Adanion Shelving Kudos

Post by Edens_Fall » Mon Jun 14, 2021 1:04 pm

*hugs* Nim was one of my favorite "stalker" victims and of late far too clever for her own good. The Vampire in me is glad her meddling smarts are out of play, the player in me is sad to see her go. She was/is such an embodiment of what elves are. Regal, noble, intelligent, yet still susceptible to fears and flaws. She wasn't just another elf out to kill everything from the Underdark. Nim was a politician, a damsel in distress, a merchant, and leader. Its characters like her that bring a city to life.

While she is only shelved and not rolled I am still sad to see her go and look forward to her return. In the mean time I am also very eager to see what you come up with next!

Thank you for everything.
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Re: Ninim Adanion Shelving Kudos

Post by BronxFury » Wed Jun 16, 2021 9:42 pm

While Myzz and Ninim never really established an incredibly strong relationship, I look fondly upon all of the times they did interact. You portray the character wonderfully, and she is a memorable character. Well done, and I look forward to whatever is next in her story, as well as your future characters. <3
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Azrael Aetherian
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Re: Ninim Adanion Shelving Kudos

Post by Azrael Aetherian » Sat Jul 03, 2021 6:54 pm

Awww... Ninim is one of my favorites. Calm and peaceful, definitely get Lord of the Rings vibes from this character. Easily one of Zaphiel's closest friends. Maybe they can be pen pals!

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