Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

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Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by Techne » Thu Jul 22, 2021 12:51 am

Writing these threads is always hard, and this one was made with no small consideration on my part.

Yet after some deliberation and thought, I think Gwen's story has come to a natural stopping point and she's taken some time to spend with her wonderful wife off on the Mainland away from Arelith.

Naturally, I won't just leave this kudos thread at that, and I'll try to touch on everyone that has touched Gwen over the year or two she's been active. The order in which names appear has nothing to do favoritism, simply what comes to mind as I write this. So... without further ado:

ACT 1 - The Skaljard Shadowdancer
Gwen began her journey as a Skaljardian adventurer, and left the frosty isle through the Plane of Shadow to arrive in the City of Cordor. This first part of her life was me coming to terms on how to RP her, and I truly look back on these times fondly.

Verity Dawnstar - One of Gwen's first friends she met on Skaljard, a sweetheart of a paladin who helped Gwen out during her formative days. Unfortunately Gwen lost contact with her when she left Skaljard, but the elf touched her deeply.

Divine "Rogue" - I can't remember your name, since the player who I was playing with found their character boring. But Gwen still lugged around the Elven phrasebook for him for years after he was rolled.

Agnith - Gwen's first romantic interest. Agnith gave Gwen a warm welcome to the isle when she otherwise would have had no one to speak to.

ACT 2 - The Darrowdeep Scout / The White Stags
Gwen moved on to be part of Darrowdeep when it was still owned by Brogendenstein, where she spent a vast majority of her time and finally began to confront her shadowy powers.

Kael'avin Dwinndarre - A wonderful father figure, for a woman who desperately needed one. She hopes she made Kael proud, and she'll still (lovingly) refuse to eat her chowder.

Falgrim Vintergard - Truly the best Dwarf, and best settlement leader on this server. I hope he continues to reign long, but I also wish him many breaks from the stress that comes from running a settlement.

Falco Whisperwill - A good man, and a good friend to Gwen towards the end of the White Stag's existence. She would trust Falco with almost anything.

Olwin - He's Olwin. That's... all I really got. Yeah.

Ysolda - The smol.

Katherine DeLocke - Gwen's second romantic interest, after having to make a difficult decision. Gwen adored the time they spent together.

Anakhsun Emeratu - The biggest softey on the server, and no one can convince me otherwise. Ana was an unwilling role model for Gwen, and adored the elf deeply. I miss her wise cracks so much.

Isabella Isherwood - The half-elf that managed to convince and convert Gwen to the faith of Selune, and to help lead her on the path to shed her shadow and embrace the light of the Moon Maiden. Gwen has always kept Isabella's teachings at heart, and honors her in every step she takes today.

Rionn Mercer - Quartermaster of the keep, and chef extraordinaire. Gwen considered Rionn a dear friend, and misses her greatly.

Henry Crowe - Henry got on Gwen's nerves many times with his horrible puns, yet she was deeply upset when she saw him fall to evil. She truly hoped he could be redeemed, and such an event has colored her greatly.

Mona D'avis-R'oss - The stubborn rock, the faceless monk. Another good friend of Gwen, who somehow had the magical ability to get Mona to think rationally. And this isn't a change, more of an 'adjustment'. :D

Jensen Whisper - *patpat*

Kell Signe - A shadowdancer monk, who was always upbeat and happy. He deeply helped Gwen during her rough patches dealing with her shadow, and his outlook on life helped her immensely.

Andus Kaltherian - I deeply apologize that you came at such a poor time in the history of Old Darrowdeep and the White Stags, and I'm almost certain you would have made an amazing edition if the events surrounding the castle hadn't happened. I unfortunately could never give you the time and roleplay you deserved. Nevertheless, I wish you the best, Andus

Meriam and Maya Fuzzypaw - Gwen's stepmoms. They were a pleasure to play with, and always concerned for Gwen and her well-being. I wish I got to play with both of them more.

ACT 3 - Sorceress Paladin of Selune
Gwen's final transformation came as she evolved slowly and surely into the woman she is today: the level headed, even toned and caring paladin of Selune. I hope I have RPed this across, but she has had a long journey.

Zylrieth - Gwen's third love, who met an unfortunate end fighting the devils of Benwick. Gwen was heartbroken, and almost forsake love from that point onwards.

Simone Beregnor-Springscar - Fortunately, Gwen did not forsake love. And I honestly believe Gwen could not have asked for a better spouse. Simone is a pleasure to play with, and the player is as well. I only wish I could play with them more.

The Gauntlet - There are too many of you to thank in a reasonable amount of time and space, so I'll just thank you all in one large lump. You're all awesome and were amazing friends to Gwen, giving her (and me) a reason to keep playing when I was struggling to enjoy Arelith.

Lavanya Beckett / Helbrecht / Lynndain - Anya. I think Gwen wishes you were her sister, and she loves you dearly almost as much as I'm sure Anya loves Gwen.

Selene - "Priestess". You shed a light upon Gwen with your presence, and your efforts in making Simone and Gwen's marriage are deeply appreciated even if the nasty speedies were not.

House Vasquire - Technically Anya is part of House Vasquire, but I'll thank this group for giving me a few last enjoyable days on the server with Gwen. I will admit, I was still struggling to enjoy Gwen at that time, but you guys gave me a chance to enjoy a little bit of RP. So... thank you from the bottom of my heart.


If I forgot anyone, I deeply apologize and... I have just run out of steam writing this kudos. I may add more names as they come for me but my brain is mush and I'm all emotional now. So... thank you guys.

PS Gwen isn't being rolled, she's just gonna be sitting on my shelf. I don't have the heart to delete her and I'll try to organize a going away event soonish for those who want to say goodbye.
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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by AzureLuna » Thu Jul 22, 2021 1:00 am

5/5 Moonbae, would drag to parties and adopt as a extravert again.

All the best, seriously. <3
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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by D4wN » Thu Jul 22, 2021 1:18 am

Gwen's always been amazing. I curse time zones that we didn't get mroe time together. Thank you for all the times together and all the best! Hoping to see more of you on your next character <3
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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by Zaravella » Thu Jul 22, 2021 5:05 am

Lady Gwen... I enjoyed the expeditions on her ship and the arena training she did with The Gauntlet. Thank you for the time youve given us. I look forward to meeting your next toon.

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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by Definately Not A Mimic » Thu Jul 22, 2021 12:03 pm

All the <3 to Gwen from Rionn. It was a shame to bring the interactions to a stop before it felt natural to do so and they were missed, not just with the character but the player as well. Excellently done and hopes to encounter you again on a future character.

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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by Dragonovith » Thu Jul 22, 2021 3:20 pm

Gwen's player, Techne, is one of the nicest people I've met in this community. Keep being awesome. :)

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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by Snake2512 » Fri Jul 23, 2021 1:22 am

Good character
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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by Ninjimmy » Fri Jul 23, 2021 1:05 pm

Gwen is still Olwin's favourite not-niece. She's the best moon paladin Selune's ever had and Selune better appreciate!
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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by AddledPunster » Sat Jul 24, 2021 1:56 am

Gwen Beregnor-Springscar is clearly the superior Selunite Gwen, and I say that as the other Selunite Gwen. I'll miss seeing you around, and I'm really sorry our Gwens never got to know one another beyond awkwardly miss-sent Speedies.

Until her return, then!
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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by BronxFury » Sat Jul 24, 2021 4:05 am

I'm sad our Selunites never really got to interact that much. Though, I still laugh thinking about when Myzz sent a flirty illusion to the wrong Gwen and then had a mini panic attack when you responded to her.
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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by Lass is Class » Sun Jul 25, 2021 12:34 pm

Simon and Gwen played large part on numerous occasions with my first Arelith character, and were present during numerous key events. Both were a thorough joy to interact with.

Shining light of the Gauntlet, who smoothed a gread deal many things about overall image of that group. Hope you'll keep having fun with whatever future will bring to you.
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Re: Gwen Beregnor-Springscar Shelving Kudos

Post by lordadam12 » Wed Jul 28, 2021 11:56 pm

I really enjoyed Gwen when I was playing Olivia! Olivia always felt like if she had a sister Gwen would have been it! Thanks for the fun times!
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