Two-for-one Special: CharCoal & Kaakol's Kudos

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Two-for-one Special: CharCoal & Kaakol's Kudos

Post by Perplexia » Fri Aug 05, 2022 8:09 am

as i send another main to the shelf of purgatory, i figure it's about time i write a kudos post; for both of them!
strap in folks, this is a long one

Charlotte Coaldust: Faerun's First Scalie

my very first character on the server (and arguably my best), i met so many wonderful people and had so much fun and captivating roleplay through her that i can't even begin to cover it all, but i'll try my best

Aelgor Dissea, the first person charlotte ever met
i could not have had a better first impression of the server than this guy. such a funny, interesting character, that i really wish i could have seen more of

Hori Mioko
charlotte's first real friend on the isle, and a great inspiration for how she developed over time. a fantastic and inclusive roleplayer who really brought out the best in myself

charlotte's favourite boyfriend, she still misses him. such an amazing storyteller, across all the characters he plays. i truly admire (and envy) the confidence he has as a roleplayer and i hope he gets all the attention he deserves
(also he makes pvp look so much cooler than it has any right to be)

Bendir Dale
bendir is full of such incredibly kind and talented people, who really helped me develop charlotte as a character
big thanks to Miatza Cranstone, Sabastian Jasper, Sewleviran, Sarah Rosewind, the Fuzzypaw family as a whole, Nathaniel and Myzzrin Brightburst, Birch (who i think was also a Brightburst?), Biam, Beau Boffin, Esterhaven, Exordius J'vrass, Adelaide Cuddlebunnies, Chirper Yardbarrier, Nella Fryar, Jacob Kannelwind, Shalia, and many others i'm sure i'm missing
extra kudos for exordius and adelaide, for putting a smile on my face every time i see them

a very fun character to roleplay with, and whilst i wish we did more together, their friendship lead to charlotte meeting some very important people in her life, so i'm thankful for that

Belamy Windhill
charlotte's favourite boyfriend. i really enjoyed being a part of his evolution from a misguided fey-pacted warlock into a talented musician. such a fun, wholesome player with a lot of potential

Minto Fuzzypaw
charlotte's favourite boyfriend. pretty much the catalyst for charlotte's entire ongoing story arc. absolutely legendary roleplayer, incredibly friendly and inclusive, with a quite literally magnetic personality (seriously, he never seems to have any time for himself) there's so much that i — or anyone for that matter — could say about him that it'd need a whole thread of it's own, so i'll leave it at that for now

Buldor Skullcleaver
charlotte's least favourite husband. such a well-played dwarf, equal parts vulgar and honourable. another wonderful roleplayer that helped me flesh out her personality further

Nathaniel Brightburst and Aigyr
both played a big part in charlotte's story. very interesting characters that i — again — wish i spent more time roleplaying with

Gareth Org'Vruk
charlotte's favourite boyfriend, gareth was cool, funny, charming and interesting all at once. i really hope he's still around whenever charlotte returns, they had fun together

i cannot express how much i enjoyed my time playing as charlotte, and i hope some day she can see all her friends (and boyfriends) again!

Kaakol: Just A Humble Kobold Merchant

what was initially made as roll-bait ended up being my second favourite character. whilst i didn't feel i had the storytelling prowess to do what i had planned in the end, i thoroughly enjoyed playing her

Laele A'Darraz and Kalladax
kaakol's first friends (if you can call drow such things) in andunor. fantastic roleplayers which helped me flourish in a time where i lacked motivation, such a shame they never got to make a trade empire together

another of kaakol's friends early on, made for good company on slow days. a real cool player who really knows their stuff mechanically, always cheers me up when i see them on the pgcc

The Shadowclaws
such an awesome faction, full of so many talented people
much kudos to Valks, Drik, Ssunat, Szol, Nux, Pad, Skeev, Zokap, the other Zokap, Tchezi, Tesshk, Shrak, Narmel, Nymazi, and all the others i've missed

Valks Shadowclaw
a fantastic, friendly, super inclusive roleplayer. i certainly don't envy his position as leader of such a prominent faction, and wish him all the best
glory to the all-watcher!

Drik Shadowclaw
one of kaakol's best friends, if not the best. a very kind and compassionate player who i'm very glad i met. even with all that they did together i still wish we roleplayed more. i hope drik finds happiness someday

The Teken'tyl Twins
an interesting source of conflict for kaakol that i wish went further than it did. cool characters played by cool people

Pad and Skeev Shadowclaw
many good times were had with these two, awesome people to roleplay with that helped me expand on kaakol's personality and backstory

Zikit Whitescale and Zokap 'Hey, kobold, get off the' Table
kaakol always had a soft spot for fellow merchants, and doubly so for her kin. i really liked the discussions they'd have on trade, dweomercrafting, and industry

Kurggz Chromaticmaw
whilst i didn't get to see much of the chromaticmaws, what little i've witnessed has been fun and engaging. another great leader great at bringing players together to tell interesting stories

Adelyn Belle'rose
much like the twins, adelyn was a character i intended kaakol to have beef with, but i never went anywhere with it. regardless, i've heard nice things about them as a player and can only echo such statements

The Dark Bazaar
this was such an awesome event that i'm glad to have been a part of, huge thanks to Lucky, Giselle d'Lavigne and Johnathan Holtz for their generosity and inclusivity, and shoutouts to whoever got their hands on the rare painting i had left behind when selling my quarter, hope it goes to a nice home!

Kaakol's Kustomers
thanks to each and every one of you who stopped by her stall in the hub and took the time to chat with her, those low-key slice-of-life moments with strangers will always be my favourite kind of roleplay

whether or not kaakol returns to andunor, i had a wonderful time playing as her, and i'll remember it fondly

Honourable mentions
there are a lot of characters who i don't have a lot to say about specifically, but still enjoyed roleplaying with, here's a few i can more or less remember, sorry in advance if i forgot any of their names
Balkrag Redmane
Coins (i'll break that disguise one day)
kobold 'trader' by the riverbank farm
Kiki Jiki (unironically the funniest person on the entire server)
pirate with gonne on skal
the elf that kicked charlotte's snuggybear (twice)
kara-turan woman from skal
secret necromancer lady from skal (charlotte never found out)
skullcleaver's elven wife
Aegnoric Cirongea
Sybil Symphini
kara-turan 'bushi' in bendir
Loki Greystep
one of the Hellbelches in sibayad
Zonos Rashscream
way too many kobolds
Saul Mackerel (piss off!)
everybody who participated in truth or barrel

...and countless others

(if i've missed your character here, and you have any fond memories with either charlotte or kaakol, please let me know since i will almost certainly feel the same way! i have a terrible memory and forgot a lot of people before finding their names in other threads, so who knows how many more have slipped my mind)

i can only hope that me, my characters, and the stories we've told together through this goofy little 20 year old game, have meant even a fraction as much to all of you as it has to me, and i'm eager to see what the future has in store

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Re: Two-for-one Special: CharCoal & Kaakol's Kudos

Post by Dershar » Fri Aug 05, 2022 7:44 pm

Kaakol was great!
I regret that Zokap entered at what seemed to be the tail end of her story, but she had lots of great advice on runes and merchanting and general koboldary.

She will be greatly missed.
One of the Zokaps.

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Re: Two-for-one Special: CharCoal & Kaakol's Kudos

Post by satan » Fri Aug 05, 2022 11:31 pm

Jigjog will miss the kaakol
The Shadow Giant.

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Re: Two-for-one Special: CharCoal & Kaakol's Kudos

Post by Majieu » Sat Aug 06, 2022 2:10 am

The Kaakol was always cool to interact with, eavesdrop on, or tend a stall close to... Thank you for all that. <3

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Re: Two-for-one Special: CharCoal & Kaakol's Kudos

Post by Naghast » Sun Aug 07, 2022 8:18 pm

I'll miss you down there in UD.

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