Jotunhold, its RPers and dev both

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Jotunhold, its RPers and dev both

Post by Svrtr » Sat Jan 21, 2023 9:43 pm

I don't think I've said it before, so I feel like I should. I want to give a thanks to the people who RP at the jotunhold and visit regularly, for the RP, their consistency, and the joy they make it.

Imor - Stonelike, reticent, and at times hilarious when the stony mien breaks, your persistence in archaic speak, jotun lore, etc etc is a joy, especially so seeing how well you and Ragnara complement each other

Ragnara - Imor's sister, similar to the above but much more firey, always a joy when you visit and so too to watch you progress with your IC quest with Imor as well

Mahlakath - A right firey tempered bastard, gruff, cocky, and in all this a genuine joy, even if your ability to make so much coin so quickly terrifies me

Hrimskapnir - So too a right joy. Your love of your axe and emoting with it and howit half speaks for you is a joy to see, especially so when you contrast it when you speak up properly

Xoxvig - Even if you've been busy IRL, the most terribly socially awkward Firbolg and its grand. Its always a joy to see you struggle to communicate and how well you balance out the Ordning slant we have when you're about

Asundrynn - Leaning heavily into the spirit communer angle, its always a joy how much you emphasize it, and the sincere IC shock when something truly unexpected happens how flabbergasted you are

Kaedan Palehide - You and Mahlakath complement eachother well in how tight lipped bastards you both are, and your dour mien and insistence to do stuff is a great boon.

Iridith Frostwood - Cocky and smooth but a great joy, and also I want to give sincere thanks to how much you've helped out.

Evemere/Tatsufura - Its hard to not name you both together but once more, how much you were involved and helped bring people to the hold while it was still really taking a hold was an immense help, and your pro-dragon slant is a fun contrast as ever.

Lona - Probably the FIRST real person to often help Grym with the hold, often busy irl these days but I can't help but thank you enough, for the RP, thehelp, the decorating, being a constant factor to help me keep the hold running especially for the first big feast.

Raewynn - Always a blast and hilarious joy to RP with, a grand help with decorating the hold, and your RP with Achari the other day? I still laugh at the screenshots

Calli/Clodagh/Laurene - Inseparable trio really, but a fun trio as always. They've a great dynamic and play well with everyone that add a nice charm.

Aigyr - Little green wyrmling rat bastard, acts like a real cat.Proud to a fault yet a massive softie who loves cheese curds. The epitome of levity and its always a blast.

The rangers - With how often you visit, might as well be holders. The variation while still maintaining that core identity of of being rangers and the sincere joy that comes when you visit and hang about is always amazing, especially so with certain FOIG events.

Guldorand - The people in guldorand in general really, especially so Aleksander, Viveka, Nataliya, and many more names and their delegation. The political slant of them in an a-political hold and also sincere want for friendship, plus visitations for feasts is a joy, and I just feel bad I'm not more political at times sometimes (somewhat slightly)

Arelith in General - There've been many screenshots from events and feasts from the hold, too many to post, but the great turnout every time is, even if exhausting, really something that keeps me wanting to do the hold and keep up with it, and I hope to get more big events in the future.

Finally, poppy, honey, and especially starfish. These three who were the dragons during the first big feast before I became jarl when a staggering 50+ people came and partook adn then got permanent fixtures in the modules with their name, it wouldn't have been as special without you three (And as always the awesome Twohand with his work in the hold itself). Especially so starfish for the event we've run recently with you at the helm, how much RP it has spurred and brought about makes it feel all worth something.

I'm getting soppy and rambly, and of course I'm not rolling, but no RP has felt as rewarding as the jotunhold and all especially so with the people who make it worth it. I am certain I am forgetting names but everyone involved I sincerely appreciate, and hope only to be even more maat

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Re: Jotunhold, its RPers and dev both

Post by D4wN » Sun Jan 22, 2023 6:02 am

Grymm is amazing and I love how you portray him and are breathing life into Jotunhold. Well done!
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Re: Jotunhold, its RPers and dev both

Post by Deep Fried Thinking Emoji » Mon Jan 23, 2023 3:25 am

The Jotunhold is one of the coolest factions on the server right now and it's always a blast to hang out with you. You all rock!

Well, not you Iridith.

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Re: Jotunhold, its RPers and dev both

Post by riffraff » Mon Jan 23, 2023 11:14 am

'Lo unto thee!

I haven't had a lot of interactions with the Jotunhold lot, but every one I've had has been a fun time. Even before I personally interacted with Grymm, I adored the way his sing-song speech is played absolutely to the hilt. So I was thrilled to have a character bombarded with his full introduction before being whisked off to the hold for chatting and mjod. Wish I could have stuck around for the event the other day, but alas, timezone woes.

Hm hm hm.

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Re: Jotunhold, its RPers and dev both

Post by If Only » Tue Jan 24, 2023 12:39 pm

Grymm's pretty maat

Ex animo.

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Re: Jotunhold, its RPers and dev both

Post by MarkRed » Tue Jan 24, 2023 5:28 pm

One hundred and fourty third Grymmtroduction and counting, love the Hold and it's adjacent peeps!

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Re: Jotunhold, its RPers and dev both

Post by Morto » Wed Jan 25, 2023 1:22 pm

Lo unto thee, Grymmiirn of no name, who is of Inkarra who bellows Thunder, who is of Vilmos the progenitor of Uvarjotun who are of Annam-All Father!

So much Kudos is deserved back at Svrtr/Grymmiirn. He's SO inviting and inclusive to everyone, and a terrific source of Giant culture, content and even build help! And I'm certain Jotunhold and the HGiant subrace wouldn't be a fraction as interesting or fun without him.

I sincerely regret every opportunity missed to interact with him. And look forward to every chance I do!

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