The passage of Marley Goodman

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The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by DeepDarkTruth » Fri Jun 25, 2021 11:03 am

This has been difficult to write - Not solely because of the list of people which has proven quite extensive - But because thinking back on the 15 months I got to play Marley has brought so many of her stories back to life, and with that, even more people who deserve mention.
I am terribly sorry if some slipped my mind!
I could write walls of text for each person named here but I'll try to cut back a bit to not risk burrying things in here.

Marley was a joy to play, through and through and I shall miss her greatly. Her story took twists and turn I had never imagined. In truth, when writing her up, I had thought she'd end up on a farm somewhere. Living a cosy life till she got old. I did not expect half the things that happened. But such it is, when you're surrounded by AWESOME RP'ers who all influence eachother and their stories in different ways.

I've listed you all alphabeticly (I hope)!

So many times was she encouraged by the Walvish Match Making Service, to seek out Aeradir and go on a date with him - I'm looking at you Denny! - The relationship fell apart - "You're like a sister to me" I believe was the phrase he used. Brutal - None the less, Aeradir took Marley and schooled her in discipline and report writing.
So.. Many.. Reports. Organizing. Filing. Issueing orders and dealing with threats against Cordor - The four years she served the city are still some of the most fun I've had. Even if I still twitch when I see a piece of paper.

Fellow Gauntlet, and Commander of the Cordorian Guard. Arathis played a huge role in Marley's development in her years with the guard. Slowly building her up to accept the rank she was given as his second in command, as unwell as the power made her, she did not mind the massive work that came with the task. Our timetables were at times, too often even, very different but I truely enjoyed every moment they had together.

Arthur Drexler O'briar:
PRETTY BOY! - Oh how I loved Marley tormenting him whenever he removed his helmet. Poking fun at him, taunting and teasing even flirting to try and get a glimpse and determine if the rumours were true or not. Arthur always held a special place in her head, especially from the ordeal they went through together - At Sencliff.

Avalri DeLocke:
The one that got away. The many twists and turns of Avalri made her a real challenge. All the way from her arrest of Marley to Marley blackmailing and going out of her way to take from Avalri what she took from her. To lose, to be on the verge of succes and then fail miserably. Avalri and Marley would have gotten so well along, had they met years before. They have so much in common and would have been great friends. Instead, they ended up being mortal enemies where mutual assured destruction seemed inevitable. I am however glad, that Marley's final vengeance failen its intended mark. I love Avalri and I am sad I won't get to see her story through!

Denny Walvish:
Undoubtedly the husband of the realm in her eyes. His devotion to his family and his wife was uncanny. Marley had nothing but a profound respect for Denny due to this, even if she never got to meet his wife. The stories he shared with her, the bond she felt really stuck with her for a long while.

DM Snowcat:
Yes, you get one here as well. While the interactions were brief you are firstly awesome and secondly the oppertunities you presented played nothing short of a crucial role in Marley's fate. Thank you so much for all the things you did and for helping steering her to where she needed to go!

Derristan Barley:
DERRIBEAR! - I'll say nothing more... I'm kidding, of course. Marley had nothing but respect for the man, although at the end that was replaced with a deep and profound hatred. They didn't get to meet much in person, but he was mentioned to her often enough and seeing what was done in Guldorand made him something to strive to be.
Needless to say, Marley was shocked when she learned who placed the arrest warrant on her in the first place. She and I had no clue that was there. Good times.

Elspeth Lynndain former Derlson:
Marley's first ever encounter with a noble, and what a noble. Elspeth was to Marley the embodiment of glorification. She was a noble, she was a Chancellor, and she cared even for the little people. Marley would move mountains if Elspeth asked her to, and Elspeth demeanour towards Marley had her melt more than once. A highborn, speaking to her like she means something. Marley adored Elspeth and she did go out of her way, to do things she probably should not have.
Politics are complicated, but Marley never understood that part fully. She moved with her heart and Elspeth held a firm place in that.
One thing I'll always remember, was her dance in Guldorand with Elspeth's nephew - They danced around for hours and Elspeth then pulled Marley aside and told her, she would welcome her into the fold, with open arms. That moment, was when Marley knew, Elspeth truely saw her. Things turned out different and Marley never got to marry a noble, but such is fate.

Emma Young:
I do not even know where to begin. When Tristan had first left, leaving the Open Hand in disaray and Marley with no guide. She took the little ginger under her wings. Helped her meet new friends and slowly let Marley see a new path. One that would lead her towards a new chance in life. A new purpose and yet, also a dark and sinister path.
I miss their interactions, I will always. For all that Emma might be, she always had her heart in the right place. She governed Marley like a mother and she allowed her the freedom to make her own experiences. Even when she'd rather yell at her or tell her no. She never once did.


I blame you for the nightmare Marley had to live through. Was it not for you, she would never had gone to Sencliff. Was it not for you. She would never have had to put the value of all she knew and did into question. Were it not for that lovely half-orc insisting she joined that life altering expedition - Who is to say where she'd been. Sencliff was in Marley's eyes, abysmal. What she saw and heard there, scarred her very soul.
And yet, I would not want to have spend a moment without Gur. He was the joy of the Navy and an honest and true friend of Marley. Always a laugh to be around!

Itzal Mayar:
Where do I even begin. Itzal and Marley did not meet until after her return. Infact, not until she was arrested by Avalri within the Sanctuary. From there on, there has been no shortage of surprising and cliff hanger encounters between the two. All their conversations have kept me to the edge of the seat - But one that'll stay with me forever, is the one they had in his home. Itzal not knowing he spoke with Marley, that was a page turner and had me in near tears! Was hard for both Marley and I to keep up the charades as Itzal showed so much depth and so many feelings.
I will miss him, I really will. I can only hope I get a chance to be.. On better terms with him on future characters. Oh and Itzal, don't forget Baphomet - Now that, was a tale!

Lilian Williams:
Lily! Professor! Gods there are so many stories here. So much of their past intertwined - Marley costing her dearly. Enabling and yet being fooled at the same time. I am to this day no where near certain who manipulated who, so I am guessing Lily pulled one over on Marley more than once! They were however friends, in mine and Marley's book at least. Lilian was someone she could always talk to and who was genuitely interested in Marley. I hope I get a chance to RP with you again later on!

Marcus Hawkwinter:
Jerk. Through and through. Gods what a ride that was. I still am not quite sure how he managed to get Marley to accept such a treatment. The things he made her disregard and accept as common were astonishing. Any person with even the slightest hint of wisdom.. Oh right. there we are.
Due to his words, the seemingly final nail in the coffin of her hopes and desires. She was driven down a path I had NOT seen coming.

Maya Ashald:

Marley's first friend. Maya was one of the first to ever care about Marley. She took her under her wings in the days before the Open Hand and Gauntlet. She guided her and at least seemed to understand her. While they were very different, the emotional trauma of watching her friend wrong fully accused of treacherous crimes. Played a vital role in how Marley would view "Good" people, in the years to come. That memory, stuck with her right till the end.

Nathaniel Brightburst:
Probably one of the person hurt the most by Marley and yet to watch the torment in the character when he enacted his vengeance was golden. Nathaniel welcomed Marley into his family at first and that trust she betrayed so brutally. However, as she said she would, she kept his secret for years - Until she learned, everyone bloody knew.

The constant headache for Marley in her time as Lieutenant. Worst and best sergeant ever. And yet, a truer friend I doubt Marley ever had. There was nothing Rayne wouldn't do for Marley.

Roselyn Kingsley:
A woman of power. Nothing else describes her. Marley view Roselyn with awe and respect. She was a reputable person and close with Maya, she instantly earned Marley's trust. Even after the.. Thing.. And the mess with Cordor. A vast absence and yet in the last years she found herself in the companionship of this same woman. While more obvious to her nature. She never stopped thinking of Kingsley as a source of inspiration. - Love her to bits.

Sabre Brightburst:
Mom Sabre - She nearly adopted Marley at more than one stage and Marley was practically considered a daughter. Sabre is such a wholesome character and there's so much depth to her. Even when Marley went darkside, Sabre stood by her and while things turned grim between them and Marley certainly felt betrayed by Sabre, which spurred her actions, as Marley turned to a place I had not previously seen. You rolled with the punches dealt and you took that tale and spun your own from it. It was great to watch and I hope that Sabre will continue to blossom (Marley still hopes she'll just rot and die) >:D

The Artificer:
Acquaintance, collegue, ally, nemesis - There is so much to say here and yet I don't want to spam a wall of text, more than I am already. The journey with you goes back years - From protecting Cordor together against Githyanki invasion to a spur of the moment quest in lost ruins searching for relics. From Admiral to someone Marley wanted to break into tiny tiny pieces. The Artificer is so loyal to herself, character wise. She does exactly what you'd expect of her and yet, sometimes even when doing that, it's a complete curveball.
I am sorry that Marley did not get to fulfill her promise to her but such is fate at times. Cruel and sudden. Marley could have probably learned much, even enough to save her life, if she had seen past her anger and hate of the woman, to what she could have given her instead.

Theodor Helbrecht:
Oh boy.. Where do I ever begin this one. The single character who had the MOST profound impact on Marley's life. I won't give out the specifics as to how, because that remains FOIG. Theodor has been a blast throughout the past half year and even before that. Meeting him at random in the Deep Glen, he accidently created Rusty as he mistook her failed attempts of undercommon, as her name. Let it be no secret, he did not like her, not one bit. So what they came to be, was nowhere near a sure thing. A chance happening. A bit too many drinks and.. One thing let to another.
You continued to surprise all along. The day in the Reaver base probably the most when.. You know - After that, there was always some twist or little surprise. I was near sure they'd end up killing eachother at one point.
Theodor gave Marley that which she had always wished for. But all wishes comes with a price and that price... Shall remain unspoken here. I hope you get to play him through as you've wanted to. He is a terrific character, full of flaws that just perfect him. Please keep tormenting him so others will get a chance to see how wonderfully normal he is.

Tristan Elur'on:
Paladin of Tyr - The first person Marley met who shared many of her visions. In him she found a loyal and kind companion that help her settle on her feet upon the isle and let her hopes of family and a calm life sprout.
Engaged and happy, it devestated her, shook her to the core when she one day read about his departure, upon a public board. - No hard feelings towards the player, at all. This was used in so much RP throughout the months and effected until the very end. It played a vital part in her development.

We did not get to interact much, infact, we did it only once. But you deserve a mention in here because of the interaction. Marley's grand plan, her perfect scheme to do what she had to - Stopped. She just had to go for the neck, didn't she? Playing her part as a paladin to perfection. That responce, I had not seen coming, but I loved it.

Did she ever get over that crush? I lost count of the amount of times she tried to snake Marley away or make way too obvious suggestions about who she should look to. Love ya Veisha. Hate that they never got to say a proper goodbye.

Westian (I forgot your last name):
Westian was probably the male version of Marley. They had so much in common and I'm 90% sure he had a crush on her. Only to have his heart broken more than once when he learned who she was with, and then what she did afterwards. Oathbreaker in his eyes. Westian was a cool and interesting character that certainly stuck to his path!

Cordorian Guard:
There are just too many names to mention so I'll write this instead. The years Marley spend with the guard was both some of the most trying for her and developing experiences she ever endured. It was an emotional rollercoaster I would not want her to be without and watching the guard transform and how people grasped at the chances given. For better and for worse, I loved every moment of it.

Inclusive, ever expanding, oppertunity presenting. While Marley was a member who failed horribly and doing what she did. I never once felt that she was pushed aside. Yes she was busy in other tasks but people treated her with the same respect they would any other member. There are so many of you I've had a chance to interact with, and even more I didn't because of how the story developed. All I know is, what you did and continue to do, had a great impact on Marley. Gave her a sence of companionship and belonging, that she found no where else.

There are simply too many people here to name, so I won't try. I've had nothing but great encounters with each and every one of you. Whether as the antagonish, or her time in the guard/diplomat people always chased/welcomed her. I have nothing but love for Guldorand. The town and the people there, and not only in the days of Westcliff (logging town), but the responce to everything that she did has been uncanny.
Guldorand is truely a great city filled with fun people - And it's the people there, that make it worth the effort. Kudos to all of you.

Creepy people:
You know who you are and I won't name you in fear of calling someone out, except for the select few (Pontiff, Sojourner and Dusk). There were so many more, but not knowing how many of you are still about and don't want to call someone out.

A city that had to open their arms to her, twice. First as Rusty who was far from liked by many. Rude and blunt and disrespectful. How she managed to stay alive, is beyond me. Then Marley as herself, with no shortage of distrust due to prior affiliations. There were a lot of ground to cover for sure - But people responded well to it. They allowed her to bloom and to prove herself a valueable member of the city. A place, where Marley never once felt she had to hide who she was.

People who still had an impact on her life:

Rivorndir in general - There are too many of you!
Conny Ana'coda
Konstantin Helbrecht - If only he knew.
Lavanya Helbrecht - Marley had that outfit with her, till the end.
Ilphaeryl Xun'viir
Sebastian Derlson
Tom the Wand merchant - Just because you're awesome.
Jach Springrunner
Coralee Fairbanks
Tristan Wilkinsen - Isn't that a lovely cell?
Bjorn Thor'kin - A walking hug.
Mia Amour - So many secrets!
Holly - Put that barrel to good use! School is back in session!

And likely many many more. As I've written this, the list has kept growing as new names popped up. Jerked into memory when retracing her path. It's been a joy, honestly and it's all because of the people listed and not listed above.
Thank you, for letting me have such a great time with my little ginger (No, not the pirate though that's a funny story). I only hope to return the favour to you all one day.
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by TavernRoleplayer » Fri Jun 25, 2021 11:12 am


You're an amazing RPer and it was been amazing experience.

An absolute pleasure to have had the opportunities to RP with Marley, I only wish we had more! Looking forward to seeing what else you can bring.
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by In Sorrow We Trust » Fri Jun 25, 2021 11:17 am


I'll just have to keep your legacy by putting other students on the barrel.

Marley will be missed. Hope to see you on the next one.
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Zan » Fri Jun 25, 2021 11:34 am

:( Marley was just a great character, and such a wide range of RP and facets across multiple of my own characteres. She will be impossible to replace, and fondly remembered. Love ya DeepDark!!
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Turn the Tide » Fri Jun 25, 2021 11:35 am

If you were Rusty, you may have remembered me briefly as the player of Maddie Ayloud-- that Iron Vice infernalist cult leader.

I enjoyed my time RPing with you, however brief at times. :))
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Preserver » Fri Jun 25, 2021 11:36 am

Marley will be missed.
I am sad that I never really managed to RP with her in what I can only describe as a "second incarnation" ... or better, what she turned into after the innocent girl faded away to leave room for the Talonite: I love seeing your characters evolve. As did Rachel build upon her character into more nuances, I am sure so did Marley.

Perhaps Lladria and her will meet in the afterlife and drink very rotten tea together.
Can't wait to see what comes next <3 !

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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by D4wN » Fri Jun 25, 2021 12:29 pm

There is seriously so much I can say. Unplanned tugging of war at Marley with one character then another.

First to draw her to the light and follow the path of righteousness with Emma, the walk through her mind after she was caught by the Void Cult and learning about her past through her memories in such an incredibly personal and awesome way is seriously one of my highlights with Marley. Emma felt closer to Marley then than she ever did before. From the moment Emma first spoke with Marley when she was still a member from the Order of the Open Hand, she knew Marley was destined for great things. A valiant, if not somewhat reckless and hotheaded young woman full of potential. And Emma would try everything she could to draw that out of her, despite our time zone difference.

And then I went and undid all that hard work completely unplanned and unpredictable on my first ever villain character. You weren't kidding, Theodor despised Marley. Not only for being a member of the same group of which his much hated brother was a member, but for her big mouth. Wanting to kill her was certainly on his top list of things to do, but he was going to make it slow and enjoy the ride for gosh, Marley deserved it in his eyes. Step 1: Find out her deepest desires. Step 2: Well.. You know the rest ;)

I could have never foreseen the journey we have both been on. The end, OOCly heartbreaking and in tears for the horrible things that were done to her and to have been responsible for it. But also a true showcase for the incredible generous RPer you are, someone so willing to go with the punches and the stories people tell around them and letting those affect their own story. I am so grateful for having been on this journey with you. For getting you this completely unexpected and twisted ending of such a well defined and wonderfully written character as Marley. I'm deeply humbled. <3
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Haroshia » Fri Jun 25, 2021 1:34 pm

I know we barely spoke IC, but thank you for allowing Tove to be part of the character's final moments. It was rather funny because we both circled each other for quite a long time, but never met until that last bit. Tove always saw the effects of Marley, and was always cleaning up after them. Being allowed to be part of this ending was great for the character's development, and I really am glad I was there for it.

A sincere thank you, and look forward to see what you're playing next.
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Edens_Fall » Fri Jun 25, 2021 2:12 pm

Sorry we never got to RP, but I'm glad you had a good story and run of things. I hope your next PC is just as great!
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Elesadi » Fri Jun 25, 2021 3:32 pm

Ah, Marley <3

Her journey in Avalri's eye was quite the ride.
From being a source of extreme uncertainty that plagued on all of Ava's deepest, darkest fears, to someone to pity after she arrested her, that then turned out to be the devil on her shoulder (whispering and again pulling at all those fears), to somewhat sister in Andunor and finally, a person to channel a lot of judgement and negative emotions unto.
Ava's story might have turned out very differently had Marley not convinced her to seek out that one faithful meeting in Dis.

My time playing with Marley has always been a fun experience, and I'm happy for every moment of it that I was able to experience.
You have always given great RP and no moment has been dull when Marley has been there. :D
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by neverwinternightly » Fri Jun 25, 2021 5:17 pm

Some of Lily's moments with Marley were about as character-defining as they get. The fact that some of those talks even happened speaks volumes about their relationship (and also your willingness as a player to allow stories to unfold!). It was such a complex friendship, and it's one I find myself thinking back on all the time. Thank you so much for all the rp <3

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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by benedict overencumberbatch » Fri Jun 25, 2021 8:33 pm

Marley and Roselyn's relationship was a bizarre one - their interactions were fairly few and far between, but over the span of Marley's existence they have always been connected via mutual associations. It was an unfortunately rare occasion when I got to witness Marley's journey unfold firsthand, but it was unquestionable the effect it had on those around her.

That Marley had decided to stick to Roselyn's side, even after her betrayal of the surface and being told who and what Rose really was, was one of those defining character traits of Marley's, I think. That willingness to believe the best in someone, and sod what anyone else thinks.

Marley will be missed, but I look forward to whatever you bring next!

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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by BronxFury » Fri Jun 25, 2021 9:29 pm

I'm sad that Myzz never got to know the pseudo-sister of hers that was Marley, before everything changed. And up until the end, the two never truly interacted, though Myzz certainly kept her eyes on Marley fiercely. You played such a wonderful character and brought them to life in this world for us to experience. Excellent job, and I look forward to seeing what you do next. <3
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Best Rich Face » Sat Jun 26, 2021 6:15 am

Marley was one of three openly compassionate characters Maya met in her short, miserable life after coming out of my character vault. She was sweet, strong hearted, loving, and fiercely loyal to those that she seemed to think needed it.

It's likely that at least one or two of Maya's last thoughts were of Marley.

In my time on Arelith, there have been very few characters that realistically portrayed Good in the environment provided. Marley was one. She chose compassion and love lest she let herself be ruined by the callous nature of many who claimed righteousness. She chose loyalty, she chose honor, and she chose integrity.

At least, that's how my bitter, lonely sorceress remembered her. Perhaps they will see each other in hell.

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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Xarge VI » Sat Jun 26, 2021 8:14 am

Marley was great. From being the Cordorian officer, shocked by the horror of war to being in Andunor with Theodor and the gang Marley always displayed a strong sense of emotion and humanity giving great contrast to the Artificer's cold logic, impressing her distinct 'lack' of humanity by just being in Marley's presence.

Glad to see Marley bite the dust! Nothing makes a character stick into memory quite like an abrupt and dramatic death!

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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Wethrinea » Mon Jun 28, 2021 7:20 am

Ivar's encounters with Marley were few (three, four?) but they were all a blast. The cold hatred and outbursts of rage when tickled in the right place made her a convincing character and antagonist.

And while they did not meet much, through her actions, Marley had a profound effect on Ivar. All up to their final confrontation which brought him no small amount of satisfaction. Well played, I say, and see you on the other side!
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Re: The passage of Marley Goodman

Post by Interium » Wed Jun 30, 2021 12:30 pm

Marley Goodman? More like Marley Evilwoman!
Boring jokes aside, you're a great character and player. Involved in a lot of and even though our characters didn't meet much, yours was certainly mentioned a lot and I've had a lot of fun with everything Marley got involved with and the consequences from it, and it was a lot!

Hope you had fun yourself! Big kudos to you!

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