Kudos to Penwyr Alabaster

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Kudos to Penwyr Alabaster

Post by Turn the Tide » Sat Jul 17, 2021 3:10 am

Thanks for pimping out our red wizards on Skal with like four staves! :lol: :lol:


Though more importantly, ...

Your really amazing because a lot of my friends from a gaming clan I'm in decided to try out Arelith in recent weeks, so you've been helping them out on Skaljard and I just wanna say how much I appreciate you! People like you on Skal, especially being a healer cleric- is key to teaching the future generation of Arelith roleplayers the mechanics and helping their characters get all straightened out. Total tutorial island vibe on Skal and a great way to help new players that are new to the game! Thank you for everything you do! :D :D :?

The DMs give 'Marks of Destiny' if you stay, but I heard he wishes to stay to help people out. If the DMs could make an exception for him this'd be great! Hearing my friends tell me that they're learning crafting not-alongside myself- by the likes of him is wonderful! It's great there's so many helpful people on Skaljard that are willing to go through such great extents to help new peoples out.
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