Kohlim Van Dorf : Farewell of a Cordorian Sellsword

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Kohlim Van Dorf : Farewell of a Cordorian Sellsword

Post by Kohlim » Thu Jan 19, 2023 7:34 pm

Well, it's been a ride. Kohlim has been around for more than a year now. Alas, real life being what it is, it is time for me to take a long break. Beside, I am out of the loop after a long december, and I am bothered by some in game details ; I feel like it is a perfect time for the sellsword to step away for a bit. I will shelve him in a few days.

I had so much fun roleplaying that guy. It started small : At first, I just wanted to fill a blank in Cordor. A high level mercenary, helping lowbies with writwork and such, with a small office strategically placed just outside the Nomad. It quickly became so much more. From politicians to shady individuals, from Sencliff to Myon and Andunor, he worked for so many people over the year, getting involved in all kind of stories, trying to stay neutral - failing, most of the time... He surprinsgly became a real spy, working in the shadows, with a ton of agents whispering rumors and reporting to him, dealing in informations everywhere. I was not able to keep up with all the requests, and probably forgot many OOCly. Sorry about that. I had to take notes in a quest journal, for real.

And I'm SO happy with how it turned out. The man was a conflicted mess, always trying to do the right thing, dealing with the wrong people, seeking freedom and order at the same time, ... In the end, was he "good", was he "evil"? I have no idea. I just tried to play him not as a superhero, but as a simple man, with fears, doubts, and taking stupid decisions over and over again :D

But enough about HIM, this is my farewell to YOU. Time for some kudos!

Jasna Volodyaevna


Yep, that was probably the most important character for Kohl. From a regular client, to a friend, to his wife and the love of his life, their relationship evolved organically over multiple month. It was without a doubt the best romance I've done in Arelith : I felt for those two, enjoyed every little drama and every sweet moment. It was beautiful, and created so many roleplay and incredible moments for them both. There was passion, drama, doubt, stupid hins breaking in political meetings...


I'll keep it simple : Thank you for all those memories. You are an awesome roleplayer, and a beautiful human being OOCly - but you know that already!

Destrus Denarii

One of the very first character he met in the Island! From friends, to best friends, to "frenemies"... What a rollercoaster of emotions. The pirate played a big part in the Cordorian Sellsword story, creating drama's with the Rivorndirs and the Guard, and contributing to that "grey zone" around him. There's way too much to talk about it here, so let's keep this short (Aka "A pirate and a Cordorian walk into a bar..." :


Kudo to you for just being an awesome and inclusive roleplayer, and nailing the whole "pirate" character!

Seraphina Windrunner


Lot, lot, lot of stories between those two. I had so much fun with this impossible friendship. Every interaction was meaningful in some way. Dramas, betrayals, parties (!)...
But, as she said from the very first time they met : it always end in tragedy... How right she was!
Thank you, for your roleplay, and for all those little moments they shared!

The Meshcherskaya family

Jasna's family has been a drama and story generator for month. Huge kudos to Stasya for being a multidimensional character, and nailing the role of the annoying noble - and the sensible woman hidden behind the mask!

DM Corruption / Providence / Kesimir / Xalden Grantz

For being involved in his personal arc! Huge thank you at DM Corruption, who reached for me without me even asking - he just noticed the little RP I've been creating in game, and came to help. Such a Chad. So much fun, involving the removal of a phylactery from his own body (ouch), and the hunt of his former undead master. I probably should have rolled Kohlim at this very moment, as it was a fitting end for the man, but I enjoyed the character so much I could not!


And in no particular order:
- Rainey the Treasure Trader, for being a regular client and such a fun character to have around!
- Gynnie Robins, you know why!
- Arialyn Sunblossom, one of Kohlim's closest friend, even if she's not around anymore, alas!
- Nastas Moonsight, you're cool and you know it.
- Ginny Fairlen/Rivorndir. They could not play that much together, yet every interaction was fun and meaningful for the character. Thank you!
- Dax and Aldros Rivorndir. Kohlim did not like you at all, eh. But I did, very much! <3
- Aleksander Hornraven and Brauka Odakar, it was fun working with you both.
- "Queelak". Because it's really hard not to like your character.
- Xalden Grantz, he liked you as a friend, respected you as a fighter, and I enjoyed every single roleplay moment with you.
- The Erudite Arcanum. You did not know Kohlim. He knew all of you pretty well. Some of the most tense and memorable moments of his career as a spy with you guys. Can't tell more!
- The bartenders in Dis. You never disappoint.
- Jach Wennes, for the wedding!
- Lexi, for being an annoying friend, and being good at it.
- Miranda Magna and Veisha, for introducing him to the world of Arelith when he was still leveling - feels like a lifetime ago!

And so, so, so many others, many not playing Arelith anymore, sadly. Thank you, everyone, I mean it.

Kohlim might come back, someday. In the meantime...

"Tis just a goodbye. Weave Protects!"


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Re: Kohlim Van Dorf : Farewell of a Cordorian Sellsword

Post by LivelyParticle » Thu Jan 19, 2023 10:12 pm

I despise kudos posts. Especially when it's from a character as fun as Kohlim was and a player such as yourself.

You'll be missed!

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Re: Kohlim Van Dorf : Farewell of a Cordorian Sellsword

Post by Xantor_Stromgate » Thu Jan 19, 2023 11:48 pm

Dang it, Von Doofus, too soon ... TOO SOON!!!! ;) ... Outstanding RP, lad. *a tip of the hat*
It's all peaches 'n' cake!

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Re: Kohlim Van Dorf : Farewell of a Cordorian Sellsword

Post by Edens_Fall » Sat Jan 21, 2023 2:10 pm

I always wondered who the man was that owned the office outside the gates! Glad you had a great time and fulfilling story. Only sorry we never had a chance to meet!

Best wishes for your RL endeavors.

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Re: Kohlim Van Dorf : Farewell of a Cordorian Sellsword

Post by sylaes_green » Tue Jul 11, 2023 6:08 am

I'm so sad I'm just now seeing this message!

Kohl, you are missed, bud! Xalden has gotten himself into a lot of interesting stories and events, and yours still stands out as one of my favorites!

It was a true joy to write with you. And if you come back to Arelith someday, whether on Kohlim or another PC, I look forward to writing with you again!

Be well, my friend!

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