Minto Retires to the Book Fort

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Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by MintoCloudpaw » Mon Jan 23, 2023 3:45 pm

I made Minto back in August 2021, and he's been a lot of fun for the last year and a half. Minto started with the idea of playing a loveable booknerd who would write lots and be chill; I didn't do the chill so well! He became key to so many plots; political, magical, romantic, dangerous. From practically the moment he stepped off the boat he became Alderkin of Faith and gave people advice, helped people with romance, magical issues and eventually became mayor where he dealt with major conflict across the isle. In the end he wrote 34 books (with a six more planned!); and when totaled with his diary is around of 43000 words written, with over 1000 notes left behind! It was a wild ride, and I'm glad I made him.

Thank you all. <3

For those interested in reading the Minto Diary, I'll be posting it here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=40328&p=313538#p313538

His books are posted here: ... o_Cloudpaw

Special thanks to Griffy; you're a great person and great RPer. It's been a blast for Minto and Griffy to fall in love and handfast. They're the most wholesome and adorable, and compatible, couple I've played - they were always a delight. Without Griffy's support and the joy it was to RP with you, I know I would not have lasted so long. <3



Special thanks also to Meriam and Maya; you're lovely people and I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to play a Fuzzypaw. Gran and Grams being there for Minto gave so many great RP moments and opportunities.


I'm sure I'm going to forget a lot of people if I tried to list everyone over a year and a half that the charming Minto met; however I'm going to list those that had major impact on Minto's story or whom I had especially memorable RP with!

Bendir - Bendir was 90% of Minto's existence, and I interacted with over a hundred people. Know that I love you all and I'm glad we got to RP together, but I'm only going to list those that had the biggest impact on Minto! Thank you all for your RP.

  • Aester - Minto's first true love, and cruelest heartbreaks. Aester was a wild ride from start to finish, and he's genuinely happy to see her happy again. That chance meeting in Brog that lead to so much. <3
  • Charlotte - An almost girlfriend! But she chose Belamy, and so there was only ever the romantic tension. I was sad to see Charlotte leave while I was on travelling for vacation. But I am glad I got to play with so many of your characters; Izzy will forever be a favourite story and Olivia was a fun assistant. Hope you have fun with whatever you do next.
  • Zemys - Minto's oldest good friend, and Minto had a crush on him for ages; I'm glad he did get around to telling him! Minto was very pleased to see him happy. These two had such an odd relationship where while they didn't get much time together, they clearly cared about eachother and looked out for one another. Wish I'd sailed more with you. Glad you joined us in Bendir.
  • Mia - Cousin! Minto learned a ton from you, and a ton by watching you. You always said how you felt and Minto appreciated that.
  • Priscilla - Prissy Princess Priscilla! I'm glad I took the chance with you, even being a Derlson. You and your crew turned out to be wonderful additions to Bendir. I'm glad we could finally find a crew to hold Darrowdeep and make it as awesome as it could be.
  • Myzzrin - <3 Minto will always be part of her hoard.
  • Lief - Lief was such a great head librarian, I miss being able to talk books with him.
  • Digo - What can you say about Digo. Digo is Digo, and there isn't anyone like him. Thanks for all the laughs.
  • Domila - Boom. Thanks for leading the Hawkin, even if Minto never really knew where the two of you stood, he respected Domila. Kudos for trying to keep the Hawkin afloat.
  • Gale - Minto's Hujel, sparky boyfriend. Minto hopes that he is happy in Waterdeep (even if it's at war), and he is rich from all his work and happy finally.
  • Valentin - Minto's only tallie boyfriend, they were a sweet couple. Valen is a great protector, and he was sad that Valen had to go, to take care of family, but he understood. He still keeps his handcannon in memory.
  • Bash - Bash has always had Minto's back, something he could appreciate. I hope he does great in his new role, and you find some time to relax!
  • Juniper - Juniper rapidly became very dear to Minto. Only tiefling he befriended, and she is a sweetheart. Really showed Minto that blood doesn't always matter, and he did his best to make her feel welcome. I'm glad she got a painting. You made Minto relax, and that's a challenge in itself.


Skull Crag Rangers/Guldorand

  • Gwenno - Minto's first friend! Helped him get to Bendir, and introduced him to the isle of books. I'm glad they met, they had a nice friendship.
  • Aliana - Minto's second friend! Also helped him get to Bendir. Long time friend who always invited Minto to relax. He'll miss giving Snuffles hugs. I'm glad I got to read your book before he left!
  • Caldurian - The one that introduced Minto properly to the Rangers. Almost dated his daughter, dear friends to his wife; these two had a lot connecting them together and they left as good friends.
  • Reivan - Somehow I keep forgetting Reivan is an elf. I hope he and Abdiel live happily ever after!
  • Frandor - I was surprised when Frandor left so suddenly. We didn't get as much RP as we hoped, but I appreciated the RP we did get.
  • Raewynn - Rae the wanderer, always there when you need her. Watching Rae taught Minto a lot about how his love affects others, and what he didn't want to do to others. It hurt him a lot to know the pain he caused. The harp is one of their most prized possessions.
  • Alria - Minto's shortest lasting girlfriend, when she realized Minto, while very pretty, wasn't quite lady enough! But they had a sweet date after multiple years of waiting, and a great friendship.
  • Diana - They had such an up and down relationship, but even when they were at their lows they were still family. It was so wonderful to help you with your wedding!
  • Dermia - Saddest Seabear, Minto hopes she's happy, wherever she is. Her favourite stick has a place on his friendship-shelf.
  • Angela - Fellow book and magic lover! We really never did get enough RP. But thank you for all we did. I enjoyed our competition for best library.
  • Sai - Our meeting amused and confused me at first, because somehow we had both not heard of eachother until that meeting. I was sad to see Sai go, as it was nice to have others to work in Intel with!




  • Thomas - Dad. A knight and a paladin, with a complete lack of sense of humour; it was fun to tease the Castlemouse. Getting to know you better through Griffy was a blast, and Minto is proud to call him family. I will always remember the two times Minto caused Thomas to cry, whoops.
  • Thekla - Minto could relate so much to Thekla, for loving a knight. I'm glad I was able to steal you for that talk, so Minto could share his perspective on loving Griffy, loving someone so much like Thomas. He's glad the two found love at last!
  • Ginny - For so long they interacted in the same circles, friends to the same people but not eachother. First with Narr, then with Griffy. It was nice when they finally sat down and became friends to eachother!
  • Narr - Chaotic Mage! We didn't get as many interactions as I hoped we would, but they were always great. Talking of magic and life and reading chaotic books. Minto always appreciated that magic-book discount too!
  • Miranda - I hope the Clover keeps on ticking, thank you for getting me involved in it! While things didn't work out in the end, I appreciated all the chances to partake in storytelling and narration.
  • Salasker - A walking history book, I was so pleased that you loved the book I wrote IC and OOC. It was always great to run into you and learn something new.
  • Elliara - The main reason Minto was part of the clover! Running that event to attract new talent. I love telling stories, and it was nice to see people enjoy them; thank you for the opportunity.
  • Andrew - Old man Andrew, running the show for years. Minto never knew what to think of Andrew, but he had a well deserved retirement.
  • Evemere - These two rarely agreed on much, with very different principles. Their final discussion, talking about their very different last days really showed this. But there was definitely respect for eachother there, and I hope Eve finds her Seitera again!



  • Oak - I respect your need to step away, and I hope that you find what you're looking for in life! Arelith is a major time sink. You're awesome, and I'm glad we got to RP. Oak was a great friend to Minto and I had a great time RPing with you.
  • Snorri - Old dwarves are always a lot of fun, as they can really take the dwarven concepts to the next level. I wish we'd have more time to do old things together, like books.
  • Naly - Aunt Naly, the dwarven Aunt who had to learn to like hugs! That hammer you gave us was very lovely.
  • Falgrim - While I didn't get much chance to RP with you on Minto, Falgrim was very much the rock of Brogendenstein. Minto even got to call him Uncle Falgrim a few times!
  • Felriss - Felriss, sweet Felriss. We never did get our dance. Minto asking her out amused me greatly, especially as it concerned Grandfather so much!
  • Malek-dorn - Oldest grumpiest dwarf, but grumpy in the best way. Minto will always appreciate him helping cheer him up that one day he learned a friend was going to die. Hope old man grump returns someday! scry



  • Prellia - Prellia the Perennial, and fellow loremaster. I'm glad I ran into you two. Those long chats and sharing tears and chocolate! While we were worlds apart, Minto and Prellia were fast friends. I'm glad I got to throw her a birthday party and throw them both a going away party; thank you for making it back for our Handfasting!
  • Rith'ellan - Rith'ellan, not Rith - Minto was very embarrassed to be scolded for that! The Bladekeeper that hides his emotions, but dazzles the room with his love for his Prellia; and cried when they left the isle. I loved delving deeper into his character and getting to understand him.
  • Baldissere - Big hugs and big hammers. You made Minto's first outfit which he wore for years, and were always there when he needed you. I hope Mae gave you a hug for Minto on his retirement!
  • Maethiel - The best elven chef, always Minto's goto cook when he could get her. Seeing her and Baldi marry made Minto very happy, and the book you gave Griffy and I for our handfasting was so lovely!
  • Nastas - Nastas was a pal until he suddenly wasn't. I enjoyed all of our RP and it was a shame it was suddenly cut short; I'd hoped they'd be able to mend the bridge. Thank you for the RP we had found.
  • Vaeryll - Other Loremaster! Sadly didn't get to say goodbye, but we had such good times together. Minto wishes he had stolen you to Bendir early on but instead Vae became a rival librarian! It was a nice competition to see which library would end up larger in the end, I'm not sure who won!


The Earthkin Arcanum - Relds, thank you for keeping the Arcanum going so long. Relds went so crazy, but he was a delight. Datura and Gimdar added such a level of depth to the Earthkin Arcanum and seeing the three admins work together made the Arcanum feel like a true and proper research facility. I was glad to see it existing after so many years, even if it has now closed it's doors. Thank you for all you did.


The Azure Quill - Petrus and Abdiel - The Quill confused Minto to start, as he felt like they were just repeating what the Aetherium and Earthkin Arcanum were doing. You carved out your own niche and got very involved, so kudos to you! I was glad to always include the Quill in things we were doing, and in the end you outlasted both. Kudos on what you tried and succeeded at doing!

Silvermane Knights - Varfogar and the Knights were great friends to Minto. Always reliable and there when he needed protection. I was hopeful we could form a story together! Maybe next time!



  • Ergrok - The kindest druid I knew. Minto didn't get as involved with the Grove as I thought he would, but I remember Ergrok most fondly. One of the few that I genuinely held long discussions with. Thank you for your time!
  • Jarl Longest Name - What can be said about the great Jarl? Not much /to/ him, as he's busy saying his name. He's a delight of a character and you've made Jotunhold such a wonderful place to visit. If I had to name a giant, he'd be the one I named as my favourite example.
  • Xalden - I always wanted to find him more, but I never had the chance. I'm glad for all the RP we had, especially at the stag party!
  • Efren - The other point of our intelligence Trio. I wish we'd been able to RP more; it was great to see you return and I hope you enjoyed Efren!
  • Izahne Tiller - I wish we'd had more time to RP together, basically always. It was hard to find the time with how busy we both were, but I always appreciated their relationship.
  • Seitera - Half the time, Minto didn't understand what Seitera was talking about. The two had a strange relationship; but I enjoyed all our RP.
  • Kiira the Drow - Thank you for bringing me along for your plots! It was great having cloak and dagger RP with you, and that one big event was really cool. Top spy, loved the code.



Thank you all for being part of this lovely journey with my little wholesome booknerd.

For those curious, the Mintall/ExtendoMinto count was 19 different screenshots! Pretty funny just how often he was captured like that, and how often people sent me those screenshots!


I'm sure Minto will pop by for some Day of Stories when I'm in a writing mood and for weddings, as a Minto does. Sheela bring you love, joy and laughter!


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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Morgy » Mon Jan 23, 2023 4:37 pm

Minto gave Griffy an entirely new set of stories to be in, which I am very grateful for. You are a very generous RP'er and incredibly easy to talk to OOC about all sorts of things. Griffy and Minto were the first two PCs we interacted with and it will be hard to top the depth of their relationship.

Anyone who played with Minto will know just how much time and energy he committed to breathing some new life/RP into different parts of Bendir and the server. Truly a memorable PC and I hope to continue writing Minto/Griffy's story with you sometime.

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by D4wN » Mon Jan 23, 2023 8:32 pm

Minto was such an in-depth character with more layers than I could have uncovered in a life time. Always busy running from one meeting, crisis, major plot to the next. And yet still he made time for family dinners and catch ups with friends. A true scholar, your books will be cherished and well cared for. The amount of effort you’ve put in those and how much of Arelith’s history, and what soon becomes history, you’ve been able to capture is nothing short of amazing.

But outside of Minto, you as a person are also generous and thoughtful to others. I’ve rarely seen Bendir this active and lively in my time playing on the server. You’ve been able to transform Bendir from a town that doesn’t just eat pies and runs typical hin events/festivals to a place where you were able to defend the town from the never ending and numerous Andunorian attacks. I’ve never in my time playing on Arelith seen Bendirans actively training / practicing in PvP (I know this was a shared effort between others). But this is what you did. Bringing people together and delegating. Allowing people to take charge of things and allowing them to fail.

I hope you know that you’ve made a huge impact on Bendir, the server as a whole and those around you. Certainly made a big impact on Thomas!

I can’t wait to see what you do next. But until then, enjoy your break/downtime from settlement politics and shenanigans.

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Emotionaloverload » Tue Jan 24, 2023 1:06 am

It was a delight to play with Minto. He was a wizard at heart and Datura will remain supremely disappointed that he never took up the path. I enjoyed having his obviously goodly attitude among the dusty old-people trio of the Arcanum.


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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Mattamue » Tue Jan 24, 2023 1:09 am

Real one.

Who is the audience for this post?

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Deep Fried Thinking Emoji » Tue Jan 24, 2023 2:08 am

It was always a blast to interact with Minto even if, as you said, he and Zemys rarely got to hang out together that much.

You are an inclusive roleplayer, always trying to involve people into whatever shenanigans are going on while also trying to dig depper into the background, motivations, and goals of the characters around yours. Zemys wouldn't have evolved from the surly and scrappy loner he was when he first arrived to the island without Minto being there for most of the road.

Thank you for all the rp!

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by kirisin » Tue Jan 24, 2023 12:02 pm

I'll forever miss minto.
He was always good council and a better friend. Especially when there were things that Abds didnt understand particularly of the more social elements.
He always tried to include people and you helped in my characters growth even if I could never show that as a lot of it was behind the scenes or I was unable to as my failings as a roleplayer.
She always felt like an honory earthkin when around bendir and brog and in part that was due to you.
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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Edens_Fall » Tue Jan 24, 2023 2:44 pm

While our interactions were few, I enjoyed our encounters. I look forward to seeing what comes next and wish you the best in both RL and IG.

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Darkstorn42 » Tue Jan 24, 2023 2:52 pm

There is so much to say about Minto, yet no words to truly express everything that should be said, so I will keep it brief. Minto was/is the healthiest relationship that Izahne forged in her 18 months of Arelith existence and I will treasure all of the wholesome, academic, and emotional RP they shared together.

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Salasker » Tue Jan 24, 2023 5:22 pm

I've never seen someone write as much, or with such flair. Terribly disappointed I didn't get to say good-bye in game, but looking forward to whatever you come up with next. Minto was a rare one. Cheers!

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by MarkRed » Tue Jan 24, 2023 5:38 pm

I didn't get to interact too much with Minto, but I've loved what little I have through proxy of other Pcs and random little things that happen while sitting in Bendir!

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Grimspark » Wed Jan 25, 2023 6:26 am

Only got to rp with you a bit on Mert'vaya but it was always good times! Thanks!

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Morto » Wed Jan 25, 2023 1:14 pm

Minto was such a joy! A wise kind soul which deserves credit to the person behind the avatar! I miss him already!

And omg, I think Minto's goodbye kudos deserves kudos. How the. Still highly organized and well written as has been proven by Bendirs long standing Mayor.

It's like rolling credits on Arelith!


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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Hanover Fiste » Fri Jan 27, 2023 9:43 pm

Agree with all the kudos already mentioned. Minto supported Fainda (Fay) and her guest services.

As a player: you're a trusted ally to offer game guidance, available OOC for a question, and always...always....very polite.


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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by BurntGnome » Sat Jan 28, 2023 4:26 am

Minto was a great character. Domila was fond of him in her own way, the plotting and political analysis she and Minto did was some of my favorite RP. Domila certainly will miss Minto, as much as I will OOC, I couldnt even bring myself to the final sendoff at the docks, big sads.

Thanks for making Minto one of the best characters in Bendir.

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Peachoo » Sat Jan 28, 2023 9:29 pm

Unfortunately, I was really sick with covid so I wasn't able to say goodbye to Minto ig.

There's so much I could write and say, but I will try to keep this short and sweet. Thank you so much for all the awesome memories and fun! I can't wait to see what character you roll up next.

I'm going to miss Vaeryll's best library nerd friend!

(Also I don't blame you, I lost count of the books!!!! I have no idea which one is bigger anymore)

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by With Darkness and Silence » Sun Jan 29, 2023 12:36 pm

We had a unique in-character friendship that I wish I could have seen more of in my time as Sythaeryn. Still inactive, and will forever miss Minto.

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Re: Minto Retires to the Book Fort

Post by Cthuletta » Thu Mar 09, 2023 3:06 am

Me today...
"Oh boy, I can't wait to come in and say hello to everyone and see Minto and-...... :shock: "

Minto was an amazing character, he was the first person who made me fall in love with Bendir and give it another chance. I wish I came back sooner for a proper goodbye to him, and Juniper is already on the hunt for that painting since I lost it... it'll be even more precious than it already was now!

I'm gonna miss the wise, loving, and kind friend Minto was to everyone. He was definitely a tutor, and a damn good one at that, giving not just Juniper but me as a player things to think about! I hope to interact with you again- even though I may not know it's you when it happens!

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