Lasagna Lady Goes on Vacation

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Lasagna Lady Goes on Vacation

Post by rosediode » Sun Feb 12, 2023 1:47 am


I've had quite the journey on my funny little commoner, exploring a lot of Arelith and interacting with a lot of people who I wouldn't normally meet or talk to. I'm taking a little moment away, so I thought now would be a good time to talk about some of the very positive experiences I've had with players.

Darius, Yuki, and Big Al; All three of these characters made me feel incredibly welcome on Skal, and did a lot to help to get my footing on the character. The quiet time spent fishing with Darius and Yuki were always full of great conversations, exploring pretty deep ideas, and gave me a whole new impression of the frozen island. Big Al was a very funny salesman, but his willingness to help out a fellow merchant was always unbeatable. Trying to outdo each other was always a fun, and funny experience.

Ashlee, and Johnathan Rigsby; My adventures (or misadventures, considering my experience), on the high seas were great. I appreciated all the ways these three made me feel included and welcome, even as a silly little commoner who couldn't contribute much mechanically to the sailing content itself. I had many great conversations with Johnathan especially, and his specific take on evil gave me a lot of new perspective as a player about the kind of nuisance that can be found in evil and how it can manifest in one's roleplay. The conversations between myself and both of these characters always felt like a great exploration, and I felt my experience on the server enriched by interacting with them.

Dorian Felmoore, Rithien; Hopefully me constantly overfeeding both of these two didn't get too over bearing. In all seriousness though, the chattering I got up to with both Dorian and Rithien was always super interesting and fun. Learning about Dorian as a character, and his backstory and dynamic with others not only taught me a lot more about Forgotten Realms lore, but a lot more about how interesting power struggles and dynamic can be in the underdark as a narrative tool. Watching Rithien's journey from afar was also super fun, and I can't wait to see what happens next for both of these two.

Clan Shadowclaw and "Rowan"; My fellow merchants. All of House Shadowclaw were always kind and patient with me as a player, even when I was completely blind to a lot of things both mechanically and economically. Watching and interacting with many of these kobolds was always great, but beyond that it taught me a lot about how fun mercantilism can be on the server. "Rowan" was also one of my fellow merchants who taught me about the simple joys of manning a stall in the underdark. If I hadn't learned from their example, I probably wouldn't have gotten to experience just how fun it can be to have the swirling chattering of trade and discussion that can be created in the hub.

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Re: Lasagna Lady Goes on Vacation

Post by Velli » Sun Feb 12, 2023 2:31 am

I will treasure this single tako nigiri and miso soup for the rest of my days..

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Re: Lasagna Lady Goes on Vacation

Post by perseid » Sun Feb 12, 2023 4:12 am

Gabbing with the pasta lady and getting to see her adjust to the UD has been an absolute blast. I'll definitely miss her while she's away on vacation <3

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