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Play a Pirate! (2 Week Event)

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 11:06 am
by Irongron
We're going to be running an ongoing event until the 22nd of May where we invite our players to try out playing a new character on the pirate isle of Sencliff.

With many additions having been made to that area this is an ideal chance to try it out, and in doing so help us both playtest content and further improve it via the feedback forums.

During this fortnight we'll be releasing previously hidden details on the surrounding systems (On our Twitter Account ) such as an explanation of the Pirate Ranks and the statistics of each player ship.

We're also going to have DMs on hand to run thematic quests, as well as distribute some Tethyrian Dubloons in keeping with the following message which has appeared in Sencliff.
Treasure Hunters Wanted

Recently a precious cargo was lost as one of our ships disappeared sailing the waters near Arelith.

Among it was a collection of antique Tethyrian dubloons, which we have reason to believe has found its way to these shores.

In due course we will send an envoy to negotiate purchase of these coins from any treasure hunters able to retrieve them. Be advised - The more of these dubloons an individual can obtain then the greater the reward we shall offer.

[This notice is stamped by the seal of the West Sembian Trading Company]
Remember to play a pirate you must select the 'pirate' background on a character (not available good aligned PCs, or those playing a monster race of the Underdark)

Re: Play a Pirate! (2 Week Event)

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 8:40 am
by Irongron

This will run this Sunday!

Time to start choosing your ship and getting on a crew.