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Rebuild Feed

Post by DM Axis » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:29 pm

Every so often, whether it's because of Haks or other major nerfs or changes, characters can find their classes and abilities drastically shifted in a way that is either unsuitable or unsustainable for one reason or another. However not all of these changes are always drastic enough to merit a rebuild in the eyes of the DM Team.

So just for the sake of clarity and ease this thread is specifically created to easily identify which classes are being offered rebuilds.
If there is a close date for those rebuilds it will also be listed.

>> Characters with Enchantment Focus Feats (spell focus, greater spell focus, epic spell focus)
>> Closed as of September 22nd of 2018

>> Harpers taking Harper (Class) Levels
>> Automated, first one's free for existing characters.

>> Monk
>> Automated, first one's free for existing characters.
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