PvP Rule Change (and a minor pickpocket rule change)

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PvP Rule Change (and a minor pickpocket rule change)

Post by Queen Titania » Thu Aug 11, 2022 10:36 pm

Hello Arelith players!

We are making two changes to our rules, one major change and one minor.

First the Major Change:

PvP: The 24 hour rule is now 48 hours.
-This is to discourage PvP from occurring day after day. In return, we are going to be a bit more lax about characters in the same area. You should still not be interacting, or if not possible, at least not interacting with hostility. Otherwise you will be found in violation. This should be of benefit to players in Skal, so they don't have to be away from the town for 2 days if their attacker is there. We understand this is a BIG change and will be monitoring it.

Sleight of Hand: RP is required before PvPing a pickpocket
-The pickpocketing systems have changed enough that we can align them to the normal PvP standards. This will also prevent players from just killing someone who didn't steal from them at all with no RP. If you want to guess wrong (or right), you'll need to give sufficient RP.

The wiki and home page have been updated, and the in game journal will be updated to match the new rules soon.
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