FAQ: CDKEY - Connection - Playername

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FAQ: CDKEY - Connection - Playername

Post by Dunshine » Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:19 pm

We receive a lot of messages regarding these topics. I've tried to include them all in this post, so people know what to do when they have a question about this.

If you see something missing, let me know, and I'll update it.

General CDKEY FAQs:

Never ever send your complete cdkeys to anyone, including us. Always use the public cdkey for this.

1. What is a public cdkey?

See here: http://wiki.arelith.com/CD_key#Public_CD_key

2. How can I change the cdkey I'm using?

Edit the nwncdkey.ini file in your neverwinternights folder with a text editor like Notepad.

Connection CDKEY and Playername FAQs:

1. "CD Key authentication denied"

This message appears if you try to login with a playername that is tied to a different cdkey then the one that you are using, you get auto-booted in that case:

- If you used the same playername before with another cdkey, send a PM to Active Admins or e-mail arelith.dm@gmail.com to have the playername transfered to your new cdkey. Be sure to include the playername(s) involved and the new (and old if you still have it) public cdkey. Also include some details of your characters to prove they are yours.

- If you are new to the server and haven't used the playername before, it's most likely someone else is already using it. Just try a different name that is more likely to be unique, and you should be good to go.

2. "This CD Key is banned"

This message appears when your cdkey is banned.

- It might be you are using the default public cdkey from GoG or an another known illegal key, which are banned to prevent multiple players using the same cdkey. Get yourself a new public cdkey from GoG and update it in your nwncdkey.ini file. You can edit it with a text editor like Notepad.

- It might be that your cdkey got auto-banned by our legal character checker. This usually happens when you have client-side overrides/haks installed that tweak your character file in a way that makes it illegal on our server. To solve this, delete everything from your override folder and then send a PM to the Active DM or Active Admin groups on the forum, or an e-mail to arelith.dm@gmail.com to lift your ban (be sure to include your public cdkey and playername involved). After that, you can login again.

- In case you have been banned in the past by a DM, Send an appeal to the Active DM forum group or an e-mail to arelith.dm@gmail.com, include your public cdkey, playername and patiently wait for their answer.

3. "Server not responding (connection timed out)"

This usually happens when there are multiple people playing on our server from the same network, every player in the same network should have a different client port to prevent issues:

- Change the client port in the nwnplayer.ini file, change the line ClientPort=5120 and change the 5120 to something else between 1025 and 65535. (see http://wiki.arelith.com/Port for more details)

4. I can login with my playername but I don't see my characters (anymore).

There might be several reasons for this:

- If you switch playernames, it sometimes takes 2 login attempts before the characters of the entered playername show up.

- Playernames are case-sensitive, make sure you typed it correctly.

- You have characters tied to a different playername. Login using the other playername(s) to be able to play them. In case the other playername(s) are tied to an old cdkey you are no longer using, send a PM to Active Admin group on the forum or e-mail arelith.dm@gmail.com to request a playername transfer to the new public cdkey. Be sure to include playername(s) and the new public cdkey. Also add some details of the characters you want transfered to prove they are yours.

5. My RPR is dropped, but I never were notified for this by DMs.

- Your RPR is tied to the cdkey you are using, so in case you switch cdkeys for whatever reason, you start with a new RPR. You can send a PM to Active Admin or send an e-mail to arelith.dm@gmail.com to request your RPR to be transfered to your new cdkey. Be sure to include playername(s) involved and the new (and if possible old) public cdkey.

6. I can connect to one of the Arelith servers, but when I connect to the other one I get booted.

- It's possible that the location saved on the problem server for the character your are experiencing this, is invalid. Character locations are stored in our database when you use -save or enter an area. In case of a server crash/reset when you were just transitioning for instance, might result in something like this. This needs the location field in our database to be cleared for that character. Send a PM to Active Admin forum group or e-mail arelith.dm@gmail.com to have this solved. Meanwhile you should be able to play other characters.


If you didn't find an answer in the above, try searching our forum or search our wiki http://wiki.arelith.com/Arelith_Wiki

If you still didn't find an answer send a PM to Active Admin or Active DM group on the forum or e-mail arelith.dm@gmail.com or post the question on the forum so our friendly playerbase can help you. Do not include your cdkey in any forum posts though!

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