Drop the Award Needed for the Ogre Race

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Power Word, Haste
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Drop the Award Needed for the Ogre Race

Post by Power Word, Haste » Mon Jul 31, 2023 6:46 pm

As the title says, ogres at the moment are a Greater award and at that level are races like fey, green hag, gloaming, half-giants, aasimar, tiefling, and yuan-ti. Ogres are extremely common in the Forgotten Realms/Faerun, such as other races like goblinoids and orcs. Dropping them to a Normal award would make them a more attractive use of an award than a Greater is.

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Re: Drop the Award Needed for the Ogre Race

Post by MalKalz » Sun Sep 17, 2023 3:19 pm

Award rotations are often evaluated; races will either go up or down. We will take careful consideration of the races and attempt to place them in a strategic award level (though I cannot promise where and what races will see this happen). Often considerations are done on mechanical benefit and current population.

I will mark this as rejected as I cannot say for certain this one race will receive an adjustment. But it is part of the larger decision.

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