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Post by Waldo52 » Thu Sep 07, 2023 7:08 pm

I've been using a wand of Freedom of Movement, and it looks awesome. The green glow seems to go with my main outfit perfectly. However...

This is a very essential ward for both PvP and PvE content and you see people wearing it all the time out of necessity. The green can be extremely jarring and unsettling if you don't happen to be covered in green gear. When I pull out the red swords and cloak it looks like I'm playing some kind of goofy Christmas video game.

Can we PLEASE get color streams for Freedom of movement and possibly any other highly recognizable but strongly colored wards? (I can't think of any, but maybe I'm missing some).

Freedom of movement has an extremely distinct look. If it was blue, purple, red, white or orange we would all get the idea that it was Freedom of movement. There is no need for it to be green only, and this ward could easily be a thing that enhances the look of the game rather than wrecking it.

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Post by MalKalz » Fri Sep 08, 2023 1:31 am

This is just unnecessary VFX bloat.

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