Rotate Dragon Race Back Into Major

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Rotate Dragon Race Back Into Major

Post by Felgrand » Thu Sep 21, 2023 5:41 pm

The purpose I have for making this post is as the title suggests. However it for solely rp standards as I find the little information I can pull on the race as being overpowered and requiring a nerf.

More so given the recent character survey there are 43 giants that are “active”. Now with such numbers that level of presence is noticeable in the hustle and bustle of every settlement. The idea to bring back the giants is to establish conflict between these two factions. As the majority of giants I personally seen are deeply rooted in the hunting of dragons. This conflict arose naturally and could include lots of very well done rp. Similarly to that of senclif and cordor.

Simultaneously we could allow this as a great way to unify RDD and dragon to allow more fundamental rp. Allowing heritage and community rp to grow. Even though RDD is no longer considered within certain aspects of draconic rp. They would still have questions regarding the aspects of dragons and allowing the use and expansion of use of “the urge” that have feel as if they are dragons.

To summarize bringing back dragon race can allow for better rp to be conducted with RDD as well as giants and fill a niche that is left void currently. I do believe some tweaking to the race it’s self would make it not as OP and allow for less Dm involvement in the application process.

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Re: Rotate Dragon Race Back Into Major

Post by MalKalz » Fri Sep 22, 2023 2:27 am


Dragon race will not return in its current form.

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