Orc de Corbin Ftr 23/WM 7

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Orc de Corbin Ftr 23/WM 7

Post by TurningLeaf » Fri May 13, 2022 6:53 pm

Exploring the synergies between Arelith Improved Whirlwind Attack and Overwhelming Critical. The Arelith Bec de Corbin + keen turned out to be the perfect weapon for this due to the +4 enhancement +5 w/ 23 ftr) the extra damage and the 2d8 massive crits. Still not worth giving up IKD or heck even toughness to take Exotics you say? Well this build goes to 11, I say. Lots of synergy, loads of fun, great cleave activation during WW can lead to some superhero type antics. Possibly the most fun I've had with a build on PGCC. I kept thinking he would die to spells or something but it turns out it's hard for the AI to do many spells when it's dead in 2 rounds.

Half Orc Fighter 23/Weaponmaster 7

Str 18 +2 gift +4 increase = 24
Dex 16 + 2 gift + 3 increase + 2 great Dex= 23
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 8
Cha 6

1-20 fighter 13/WM 7. Str +3, Dex +2
Lots of feats to get, pre epic you get 7 normal and 7 from fighter. Everything is flexible except filling the WM reqs and having exotics by level 13.

Dodge, expertise, mobility, spring attack, power attack, cleave, great cleave, exotic prof, weapon focus 1h bludge, weapon spec 1h bludge, whirlwind attack, improved crit 1h bludge, blindfight, knockdown

Epics levels you get 4 feats + 5 from fighter. Str +1, dex +1. Recommend taking great dex 1/2 first to have both overwhelming crit and improved ww by mid-20's.

Normal epic feats: great dex 1 & 2, epic Skill foc discipline, one from fighter list
Fighter epic feats: epic weap focus, epic prowess, epic Weapon spec 1h bludge, overwhelming crit 1h bludge, improved ww attack, armor skin
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