Fearmonger Build Help

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Fearmonger Build Help

Post by msterswrdsmn » Sat Mar 25, 2023 3:59 pm

I've been tossing around the concept of a mundane character that utilizes fear (aka: intimidate) as a mainstay weapon. RP wise its a character that uses intimidation and scare tactics to influence people/enemies. I've tossed around builds using various combinations of dirty fighting, terrifying rage and gruesome technique (all abilities utilizing intimidate) but I'm having trouble settling on a build that works without shooting myself in the foot in some other area.

Anyone willing to take a shot at this and offer a few suggestions?

The combinations I've tried thus far were variations of a swashbuckler/vigilante, rogue/fighter, barbarian/rogue, and rogue/liberator. The only restriction i've found thus far really was chaotic good isn't a good alignment for this concept, as 1.) Inflicting horrific wounds to disorient enemies is probably less than good and 2.) A lot of higher end weapons and gear are locked behind alignment walls without UMD, almost none of which are available to CG aligned characters for some reason.

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Re: Fearmonger Build Help

Post by xanrael » Sun Mar 26, 2023 7:36 am

Vanguard knight has a decent mind-immunity piercing intimidation/fear based debuff so could be something there.

Ranged + gruesome could take advantage of the fear as you're fine being a turret. Also prevents having to worry about your melee flurry being interrupted because they ran.

Plant an AoE trap at your feet with a reflex save if you have evasion. If tangle trap procs the fear as well then place that in front of you so you have a mix of immobilized/feared.

Kill one enemy in a pack charging you and the rest are feared increasing your sniping time. When they get close the trap goes off and they're re-feared.

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Re: Fearmonger Build Help

Post by Waldo52 » Thu Apr 06, 2023 5:39 pm

Deep rogue with 5-6 blackguard is an option.

While divine shield rogues have been nerfed and have less AC than monks, they still have solid AC. They have solid charisma for intimate and excellent dexterity for trapping so they're probably the best in the game for using fear traps.

Gearing this kind of character is a nightmare as your gear has to support cha, con, dex and str as well as discipline, set trap, intimidate and likely both hide and move silently (with a bit of love for spellcraft too). But if you can make it work you have a very unique build that's hard to hit, has inedible saves due to Charisma applying to fort, reflex and will, has crippling strike and a million skill points.


Find a scepter of tyranny or two. These maces have a fear effect on successful hits. The DC is pitiful, but enemies will eventually roll a 1 so they're very good on anyone who isn't fear immune. They are only +3 weapons but the fear gimmick makes them an excellent alternative to conventional end game weapon choices.

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