Dragons of the Deep Wells

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Dragons of the Deep Wells

Post by Popkhorne » Sun Jul 25, 2021 12:49 am

Having visited the Deep Wells several times recently, I couldn't help but notice a few odd imbalances in the last area of the Deep Wells, the Dragonkin one.

The Dragonkin NPCs are mostly fine, except that their descriptions show their races, depending on the NPC type, as either Halfling or Dwarf. The Lord variant has unreasonably high AC in the low 70s. Their AC needs to be look at, but I also suggest removing their summon creature spell because the elemental they conjure is just not very good, and they often waste their time casting that instead of other better spells in their spellbook.

The Ancient Wyrm has two issues. The knockdown DC from their wingspam is 70, it's incredibly high, but if the intention is to make the knockdown a guaranteed effect when fighting this boss, then I guess it's alright. This Dragon is also easily killed because it suffers from very low AC, it could be buffed to be more on par with the other dragon bosses in the server.

The final reward is lacking a bit. For a dungeon that takes so very long to walk through, it could do with a little increase in gains, like maybe a second rune chest like the Needle Chamber or a few more treasure chests like the Titan's Ascent.


Unrelated to the above, there are two things of interest in the Saurial area (sorry, I don't remember what it is called, but it's that one very green cave) of the Deep Wells: the very large mossy head of a statue and the old altar in front of it, both next to the boss. Their description says you can learn more about them if you click on them, but nothing happens when you do that and you can't reach the statue head to interact with it.

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