Herbalist Bag issue; Some NPCs issue; Items issues

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Herbalist Bag issue; Some NPCs issue; Items issues

Post by Lass is Class » Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:21 pm

Herbalist Bag (new container for the items labeled as 'Herbalism') is rewriting anything that you put inside with a Stolen property. Means you cannot sell anything of that to NPC traders. Tried selling to those accepting Stolen goods as workaround, the price was 1 gold per item.
P.S. 270 Flameberries labeled as 'Stolen' was a sad thing.

NPC in Mayfields, Masaaki the Papermaker, upon attempting to buy Cordor's Press, gives a blank one.
Same does the Farah the Paper Hin in Sibayad. Can be an issue with all the NPCs of this category.

- After the update with new icons, the weight of exotic drinks - Tea, Chocolate, Coffe, Juices - increased from 0.1 to 1.0, which is a very significant change. Not sure if that one was intended.

- Another old issue that was spotted, is a difference between Sand, and the afterproduct of it, Glass. Still breaks the laws of physics, that a portion of Sand required to craft a portion of Glass, produces Glass with more weight.

- Stacking issues between the items. There are many, but there are some very specifically unpleasant ones - like Wyrdstones stacking that does not work sometimes. The reason is not possible to trace, was buying specific Wyrdstones to stack them from shops, and one that was bought a day ago did not stack with the others. Might be difficult to reproduce.

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Re: Herbalist Bag issue; Some NPCs issue; Items issues

Post by Anatida » Wed Nov 18, 2020 7:11 pm

It has been said that the blank Cordor Press is an issue on any server other than CnP. It works fine on CnP so there seems to be an issue with it ctossing servers.

The Wyrdstones not stacking is likely because you have "old ones" and "new ones". Just like every other item that was updated, they are not going to stack. This is just a growing pain of expanding to the new, far superior system. It may be possible that. DM would be willing to swap them out for you. However, that is completely up to the DM. Otherwise, the old things will eventually get used and disappear.
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