Monthly Illustration Prompt: "Magical March"

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Monthly Illustration Prompt: "Magical March"

Post by magistrasa » Sat Feb 29, 2020 4:24 am

Greetings, fellow Arelithians! It's me, that person who makes those silly comics about people you've never heard of! Today I'm going to shake it up and talk about something you HAVE heard of: The Arelith Player Handbook Project! Looking through what we've got so far, it seems like a lot of our example images are either just boring screenshots of some default appearance characters from the waist up, or they're simply nonexistent. If you ask me, there's way too many talented artists in this community to let that slide! Asking around about interest for the project brought me to the conclusion that while there's plenty of willing artists to take up the pen for this righteous cause, it seems that people simply don't know what the project needs. We've got the talent, but we're scattered, lost, and directionless - in our infinite freedom, we are trapped by the limitations of our boundless imaginations...

But what's this? A Monthly Illustration Prompt? Is this the direction that will help our wayward illustrators find inspiration for this worthy task? Why yes it is! Beginning today, at the start of every month, a new prompt will be listed to highlight areas worthy of artistic interpretation, and give artists in the community something to work together on and bond over. Those in charge of putting together the Player Handbook will be given a pool from which to draw the best pieces out of, and those of us with a smidge of talent will be able to contribute in a way that's fun and engaging!

Images of all varieties are welcome to the fold, whether it's a pencil sketch or the frosting on a cake or a screenshot of some in-game scene or your college final project that you've spent six weeks working on that vaguely resembles something Arelith-related. If it's something you made yourself and if it fits the theme, you're encouraged to share it! And if you want to participate but you're not comfortable with your art being posted onto the player handbook, that's okay too - just let us know in the post that you don't want it to be added to the handbook and we'll just nod approvingly from the distance and leave it right where it is.

So without further ado, here is the prompt for this coming month:

Magical March

Artists are encouraged to submit pieces that have to do with the magic and spellcraft of Arelith.
This prompt can cover a broad base of subjects and ideas,
whether it's an illustration of your favorite spell in action,
a picture of your Sorcerer being totally awesome,
a sketch of a clever Rogue using their skills in UMD,
or anything else that you can think of!

Feel free to comment and post with any questions or maybe even more specific inspirational ideas - maybe an artist will pick up that idea and try to make something out of it! For my part, you might be seeing me streaming some attempts at the prompt on the Arelith Official Discord Server in the coming weeks, and I encourage anyone and everyone to join in the fun!

(PS: Yes I know it's still February, I'm just so gosh darn excited that I didn't want to wait another day.)

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Re: Monthly Illustration Prompt: "Magical March"

Post by Echohawk » Sat Feb 29, 2020 5:04 am

Reserving post for future contribution.
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