Shadow Mage Revamp

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Shadow Mage Revamp

Post by One Two Three Five » Fri Sep 21, 2018 2:44 am

It's so thematic, but not great mechanically. Warlock and PM are proof we can have both, so lets get after it.

Keep this: Entry into a modified use shadowdancer class, and +2 to Necro, Illu, and Ench DCs, HIPS at 20.

Change This: Instead of losing all Evo, they lose all 'light' spells (Light, sunburst, so on) and all evo spells are cast at half caster level. Towards dispels included.

Consider This: Steal liberally from the Shadow Adept tabletop class. Specifically, its Shadow Weave Feats:

Tenacious Magic: Your Non-Evo, non-Transmu spells are harder to weave users to dispel, but its harder for you to dispel weave users non-nec, illu, and ench spells.

Pernicious Magic
: It's harder for weave users to counterspell you, not including Evo and Transmu, but you incur a similar penalty with the nec, illu, ench exception.

On Shadowdancer: An interesting use of SD might be for, let's call it, 'hardened' caster levels. That is, each SD level counts as two caster levels vs dispels, since you don't actually get anything out of taking shadowdancer on a level 20 shadow mage.
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