Raid Settlement of the Future

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Raid Settlement of the Future

Post by Rasha » Fri Nov 13, 2020 8:10 pm

Introduce a settlement that has exclusive land/sea access rights to a bunch of tasty resources, as well as it’s own flagship.

Rather than have the settlement run by an elected government, allow it to be conquered! Governed by a player faction that fully carries its own weight.

Every year, instead of elections, have all interested factions sign up to storm the castle/city by force. A routine raid. Factions may either sign up to defend the sitting faction, or to launch an offensive assault. Only factions that have signed up, by a set date, may participate. Work together and team up with other factions to take down a tyrant faction, or stick with your own. Anyone not in your preset faction(s) by conclusion of the predetermined sign-up time, would be hostile to your faction once the raid event begins. In the end, last faction standing wins the throne for the IG year. If the timer of the event runs out, the sitting faction has successfully defended, and retains the settlement rights.

Assaults begin via sea. This settlement is only accessible by utilizing the cool new navigation system.

Build seige weapons to take down walls to gain access, then make landfall on foot and horseback. (Any damage done must be repaired - good thing the land is rich with resources!).

Just thoughts. It could be quite entertaining for routine server-wide PvP.

Reminiscent of Lineage 2 style castle raids, if anyone remembers that fun.
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