Some finishing touches to Dunmarle Castle

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Some finishing touches to Dunmarle Castle

Post by Ordo.Lupus » Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:27 am

Dunmarle feels a bit sterile to be honest.

Yesterday I attended a meeting between two large factions at the castle and it felt slightly off.

Dunmarle consists of a wall with guard towers, a house, an inn and a castle. The main portion of npc are mercenaries mixed with a few commoners. Where are all the commoners often seen in such a feudal setup? Do they ship in all food since giants roam the hills to the south? I've seen workstations but no materials/ressources to work with?

The inn is pretty vast on the inside when you compare it to the size of the building. This gives a feel of a weird kind of mismatch in proportions. There's a few rentable rooms in the inn and 1-2 huge rooms. I know the latter provides the players or factions options to decorate as they please but I would almost consider the main room too spacious. I guess the carpenters on Skal are in for a huge order of fixtures.

Dunmarle castle does have a medieval feel to it. But it feels so lifeless and cold.

Given that you have to travel through lands where giants, yeti and wendigo roam then you have to be at decent level. But going to Dunmarle gives nothing in return. Could we have a writ to takes us from Skaljard to Dunmarle? Perhaps disguised as a delivery of food supplies? When I look at Dunmarle and all the surrounding area then there's nowhere you can find any food. So could we have some fertile land? There's probably space for i just outside the castle walls.
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