Two minor extensions to the drow cipher

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Two minor extensions to the drow cipher

Post by Itikar » Mon Nov 16, 2020 2:38 pm

Right now the following words are ciphered as follows:

Fare well → O'zva al
Priestesses → Tyzavasanvassvas

Now, the cipher may be hiccuping here, but "farewell" (no space) is ciphered as aluve', and it is the most common goodbye, so it would be nice, if possible, if also "fare well" with space was rendered as "aluve'". It seems that few know of this, with the result that a lot of drow say aluve with brackets, i.e. [aluve]. I don't know if it is possible, but I leaving it here anyway. Alternatively replacing "vedaust", the current encoding of goodbye despite no attestation of it in canon sourcebooks, with "aluve", which is attested in one of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting books, may be the best option. The Undercommon cipher already encodes "goodbye" as aluve' (with apostrophe), so in this would make them more consistent with each other. They already both encode "hello" as vendui', in fact.

As for "priestesses", for some reason the cipher has the singular (priestess → yathrin), but not the plural, yet this is a vert common word, in the speech of many characters, and I think it deserves a specific ciphered plural.