Rooftops and climbing

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Rooftops and climbing

Post by Apothys » Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:31 pm


Possibly a strange suggestion here. Ive been thinking of more ways to use the climbing skill other than specific dungeons.

Was thinking it would be great if in the bigger cities around Arelith there were points one could use there climb skill to get onto the rooftops or ledges around the cities.

They could be used for moving around discreetly away from prying eyes for those rooftop thieves, or simply spying on an area from the safety of a rooftop. Perhaps even secret areas for shady meetings. Of course the DC would need to be quite difficult as its not easy moving around the rooftops and ledges and we wouldn't want everyone clambering around the cities like spiderman.

I think this would add a great use for the climbing skill for anyone who has invested points into it as currently it has very little use outside of specific dungeons.

thanks for reading my suggestion.

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