Another suggestion for Tracks left behind

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Drogo Gyslain
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Another suggestion for Tracks left behind

Post by Drogo Gyslain » Tue Nov 24, 2020 9:54 pm

I know that we have all playing rangers and trackers at any point in time, come across a track that is so walked over, it fills up the entire chatlog. Dozens of footprints that were identified in a sea of footprints.

In all reality, it would be incredibly difficult to differentiate between the most recent tracks, being that they are all being... tracked... over transitionzones and doorways.

There was already 1 suggestion I made regarding possibly getting a (Fresh/Aged/Cold) tracks to augment the tracks themselves, but especially infront of high utilization doorways like settlement openings and such, could we have the tracks visible reduced to only the most recent 15 at most?

As people walk by, they cover up the tracks of those that were there before. Just like being able to tell a track is old, the tracks that were left 5 minutes ago do cover up the tracks that were left 10 minutes ago.

Mechanically, it works to limit the amount of resources devoted to the tracks, and logically it works because, how hard is it to tell 15 different sets of muddy bootprints apart from one another when 30 are atop them.