The Indefinite Vacation of Andras Wormwood

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The Indefinite Vacation of Andras Wormwood

Post by GaryFromAU » Mon Mar 06, 2023 6:55 am

Your Patron is Bane and you are venerating Hoar.


Following Andras' permanent vacation to Cormyr I figured i'd make this thread to commemorate and thank everyone I met along the way.

Tyrants Of The Jard


Zellion Fennall: He really was the greatest sidekick a guy could ask for. The Samwise Gamgee to my Frodo Baggins, we were an inseparable duo through thick and thin he always had my back.

Dragunslia Damodred, Third of His Name: The League's Progenitor, and though he had me slaving away for him during our early days there really was never a dull moment around this guy. Legend has it he's still sitting in the Formian mines waiting for the mobs to respawn.

Nazanin (Damodred): Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans and not sprinting in the opposite direction.

Grond Tjatse: He was less a half-giant and more an Ogre straight out of Warhammer Fantasy. A sight to behold, but from a distance.

Ano: Andras's spiritual mentor on the isle, his teachings were a guiding force that would dictate the path he'd take after he left Skaljard.

Sephtis: Almost like a physical embodiment of chaos, we only had a couple of adventures together but they were always good times.

Maylin Fenmyar: I had a lot of fun witnessing this absolute unit solo the entire Skalpeaks.

Laori Vasht: Literally the greatest Loremaster i've ever seen.

Aegis: Thanks for babysitting me through most of Skaljard's dungeons.

Brother: I have never felt more visceral terror before from someone stating the time.


Leon Asturias: Quite the Psycho Character, Thanks for going along with and facilitating my Palpatine RP.

Sadako Seigi

Olaf: Thanks for the Jotunhold tour.

Sykorax Galath: The Drip-Master himself, thanks for all the RP.

Alaina Galath: Running that impromptu Demonology lesson was a lot of fun.

Fergus Tackson: That laid-back runic grinding was a lot of fun.

Valentino: Sorry, I solemnly swear that I will not follow any more elf women around.

Ravnhart Tir'enfein: We didn't end things on the best of terms but i had a lot of fun hanging out with you in Guldorand.

Sil'avesi Daoine'Dur: Likewise I had a lot of fun hanging out with you in Guldorand.

Krile: Thanks for making me feel like the big guytm I always felt like I was on the inside.

Skyshade: This guy could brew like you wouldn't believe.

Grymmiirn: This guy is basically server royalty, and I can definitely see why.

Silfein: Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans. It was a pleasure sailing with you.

Sibayad & Sencliff

Zin Murkhollowe: I still remember that one time we were all trapped doing the Storm Herald writ for several hours.

Saphia Mornaella: Thanks for the coffee

Zoey: Thanks for the sailing adventures

Strider: Quite the nice guy.

Xanthia: I am still to this day shocked that someone took interest in my flyer, really can't thank you enough for the wild ride.


Crow: It was nice to meet a fellow society poster.

Biarray Yvarnoy: Thanks for the under-common lesson.

Sennet Tuin: Thanks for the tour/escort out of Andunor

Poe: Randomly stumbled into your event during my first foray into the Underdark was a good deal of fun.

Vahl: Thanks for not removing my head.

Cyiuurkaak: Thanks for de-escalating.

Bonus Meme

Andras Wormwood - Chilling in Arabel
Daniel Baker - Mountaineering

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Re: The Indefinite Vacation of Andras Wormwood

Post by gryggrstrkssontreelover » Mon Mar 06, 2023 8:20 am

Andras was a badass cool dude surrounded by a loveable cast of vicious murderers. His loss will be forever remarked about in my private discord channel I made to commemorate the character. I have 861 screenshots and it saddens me immensely that I will never gain another beyond the ones I steal from this thread. Gangstalk you later, bud...

- Mr. Treelover

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Re: The Indefinite Vacation of Andras Wormwood

Post by LurkingShadow » Mon Mar 06, 2023 10:04 pm

Sil'avesi have had a lot of weird friends. Andras was one of them! She really wanted to go to the wedding for old times sake ;( When she still had hope in him and the others and not fully sure if they where baddies! ;(

You will be missed. EDIT: Also! I love the little drawings! So adorable, grand and hilarious at the same time!

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